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How to teach a baby to go on a pot in the afternoon


How to teach a baby to go on a pot in the afternoon</a>

Young mothers may face such a problem that the child does not want to go to the toilet in a strictly defined place. It seems like it's time for the age, but so far nothing has happened.

This is not to blame anyone - yet children develop differently, but it may very well be that Mom should take the process more closely.

Accustoming the baby to the pot, for parents the main thing -Do not worry yourself and do not disturb the child. If he, by force of age, has not yet understood why he is being seated on a pot, he can understand this both tomorrow and in six months. Until the age of three it is quite normal that the baby uses a pot, only if adults ask about it.
In any case, it is not worth worrying - maybeBe and so that the child is not yet adequately prepared physically. The muscles responsible for excretory functions are not yet developed, so the baby reaches the pot and at the same time can not hold on and "do" on the floor can be quite difficult.

How to understand that it's time to teach the child to the pot

The first sign of a child's readiness to be taught by the pot is the fact that the diaper remains dry for quite a long time. Little by little the child learns to control the bladder.
To teach the baby to walk on the pot during the day, hisShould be planted before and after the walk, before and after the day's sleep. If the child is already two years old, it is recommended to ask him every two hours if he wants to go to the toilet. The purpose of the questions is to encourage the child to go to the toilet independently, without waiting for the adult to take him there. It should be taken into account that if the baby has drunk a lot of fluids, the urination will be more frequent, the same if it has frozen.
A child can and should be praised in case of successfulAttempts. If there is nothing to be proud of, try not to focus on this. Do not force to sit on the pot, if the child is set too negative - just put it off, and after a few days try again.

How to help a child learn to use a pot

It is useful to play with the baby in the planting of dolls onPot, explain to him in good examples how to do it. Bright or musical pots will not always be helpers - at first, of course, they will attract attention, but children are very attached to such subjects. Sit on the other they can and refuse, for example, a guest or in kindergarten - the situation as a result is not very convenient.
Parents often clean the pot somewhereThe far corner is like an indecent object, and they only get it to use it for their intended purpose. This is not quite right - it's best when the pot is in the room as a normal household item. In the toilet or other secluded place to move the pot can be later, when the baby will fully master this useful skill. Not at once, but it will work out.

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