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How to teach a child to go to the potty in the daytime

How to teach your child to go to the potty in the daytime

Young mothers may be faced with such a problem that the child does not want to go to the toilet at a fixed location. It seems to be on time to age, but still nothing happens.

In this one it is not necessary to blame - all the children develop in different ways, but it may very well be that my mother should take the process more closely.

Accustom the baby to the pot, the main thing for parents -not to worry themselves and not to disturb the child. If it is because of their age is not understood why it is seated on the potty, he can understand it, and tomorrow, and six months later. Until the age of three is quite normal that the child uses a pot, only if requested by adults.
Worry in any case should not be - couldbe and so that the child is not sufficiently prepared physically. Muscles are responsible for excretory functions, has not yet been developed, so the baby to reach the pot and still keep from "crap" on the floor can be quite difficult.

How do you know that it is time to teach a child to the pot

The first sign of readiness of the child to the potty training can be considered the fact that the diaper stays dry for a long time. The child gradually learns to control the bladder.
To accustom the baby during the day to go to pot, itshould be planted before and after a walk, before and after a nap. If the child is two years old, it is recommended every two hours to ask him if he wants to go to the toilet. The purpose of questions - to encourage the child to go to the toilet on their own, without waiting for an adult to take him. It must be remembered that if the baby is drinking plenty of fluids, urinating will be more frequent, the same as if he was cold.
The child can and should praise in the case of a successfulattempts. If there is nothing to be particularly proud, try not to dwell on this. Do not be forced to sit on the pot, if the child is set too negative - just set it aside, and in a few days, try again.

How to help your child learn to use the potty

Good to play with baby dolls in planting onpot explain illustrative examples on how to do it. Bright pots or music will not always be assistants - first, of course, they will attract attention, but the children are very attached to these subjects. To sit down on the other they may refuse, for example, at a party or in the kindergarten - the situation is eventually formed is not particularly convenient.
Parents often take away the pot somewherefar corner, like a rude thing, but to get it only to be used for its intended purpose. This is not entirely correct - it is better when the room is in the pot as the usual household items. The toilet or other secluded place, you can move the pot, and later, when the child fully master this useful skill. Not immediately, but we will succeed.

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