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How to teach a child to be healthy


How to teach a child to be healthy</a>

The health of a child largely depends on how much he knows about what to do in order not to get sick. Teach your child to watch over his or her health.

This will help him in his future independent life.



Teach your child to observe personal hygiene withThe earliest age. He must know and not violate the important rules that before eating and after the toilet you need to wash your hands, brush your hair in the morning, brush your teeth twice a day, change your underwear every day. Particular care must be taken to ensure the cleanliness of the boys, they are less careful and often poorly monitor the cleanliness of the hands and clothing. Explain to the child that the timely washing of hands and body reduces the risk of infection with various infections transmitted by contact interaction.


Teach your child to do exercises. Start with it every morning - do exercises together, this will energize you and the child. Then the child will get used and will do exercises himself. Charge promotes the awakening of the body and the immune system: all protective functions of the body begin to work in an active mode. So, the chances of getting sick from a child are reduced.


In addition to daily charging, it is useful to carry outHardening procedures. You can begin tempering from morning wiping the body with a towel soaked in cold water, or by taking a contrast shower. Quenching procedures strengthen the immune system, which means that the baby will be healthy.


On physical development and state of healthAffects the sport. If your child is attracted to sports - it's great, safely write it to the sports section, where he will physically develop and strengthen his health. If the child is not willing to go in for sports, but prefers to read or play a musical instrument, do not force him. Just make sure that he has enough time to walk outdoors every day: then he can frolic, run, throw out energy.


To teach a child to be healthy, inoculateHe has the right attitude to himself, to life and to people. Dissatisfied with everything, a pessimistic person, suffering from complexes and not trusting people, is unlikely to be healthy and happy. But very good effect on health is a good mood, a sincere ringing laughter, enjoyment of life and communication with friends.

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