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How to teach a child to act in a store

How to teach a child to act in a store</a>

Any visit to the grocery store canTurn for parents a nightmare, if the child starts to scream and demand everything for himself. However strange it may sound, going to the store can turn into an excellent training ground, with which you can always teach your child a few lessons of correct behavior in the store.

What is necessary to do this? The most important thing is to involve the child in the process, so that he becomes your partner and companion, instead of turning and begging for that, that, that ...



Shopping list. Make it compulsory together with the child. This teaches the child to plan their next actions and not make unnecessary and rash purchases. In addition, the shopping list is an excellent reason not to buy all sorts of stuff. Even if your child is small and can not participate in the compilation of the list, still make it with him and go to the store with a sheet in hand. This will help the child absorb the information that you are making the right purchases.


Composition of products. If your child can read, you can give him a simple task. For example, ask him to find milk with the lowest fat content, juice with the least sugar content. Remember that giving assignments is necessary so that the child is always at your sight. Also, such tasks are best given in the department of shatterproof goods. Such a task helps the child to absorb information, to train the skills of reading and counting, which is an excellent help in further training.
As a preparation, compare the products together, show him several products, their compositions and differences.


Something new. This method is contrary to the shopping list method, but it is also important. Leave one empty item on your list so that the child can choose one thing that he likes. A blank item can not always be used when you go to the store. For example, it can be used as a reward for good behavior, but it is already at your own discretion.


"Unnecessary" product. If you talk about a product "harmful", "bad", you create some mystery around it, and children always reach out to what is forbidden to them. Try to choose other adjectives. For example, "harmful to health", "tasteless to taste", etc.


Queue. Choose those shops and the time when there will be few visitors, as the less you stand in line, the easier it will be to entertain the child and save yourself from unnecessary purchases.

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