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How to teach a child not to wake up at night


How to teach a child not to wake up at night</a>

A young mother can be very difficult to sleep when a child wakes up at night.

If the baby is already grown up and you refused to feed at night, you need to teach him to sleep all night until the morning.



Arrange a sleep zone for the child so that it isNot only beautiful and cozy, but also comfortable. In a child's bed should be a quality mattress, best of all orthopedic, comfortable and not a big pillow. The bed should correspond to the age and height of the child, and it must also be safe - with the sides. Bed linen is made of natural fabrics and has a calm color.


To improve the baby's sleep, the air in the bedroomMust be cool and moisturized. For this, before going to bed, ventilate the room, and to increase the humidity level it is useful to purchase a quality humidifier that will not only facilitate breathing during sleep, but also reduce the risk of a cold in children.


Explain to the child that his bed is for sleeping, not for games. Do not allow a child to play in bed, so the sleeper will be associated only with sleep.


That the child does not wake up at night, it is necessary, thatHe was tired enough for the day. The daily activity of the child should consist not only in developing classes, watching cartoons and relaxing games. The motor activity is very important. The child needs in the movement to throw out his energy and emotions, that is, he needs to run and frolic. It's better to do it in the fresh air. For a good night's sleep, walk with the child daily, and in good weather twice a day. Fresh air is useful for children's body. On the street you can scream, play outdoor games. If the child is bored to run alone, make him a company.


For 1-2 hours before bedtime, take the child to play quietly. Bathing before going to bed relaxes and disposes to a good, sound sleep. You can add decoction soothing herbs to the bath.


If the child still wakes up at night, in no wayDo not talk to him or turn on the bright light. If he wants to drink or to the toilet, just turn on the night light. After satisfying the need to immediately put the child back to sleep. You too, go to bed and close your eyes, usually when children see that their parents are asleep, they also fall asleep.

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