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How to teach a child to sleep at night


Teach a child to sleep at night</a>

Many parents complain of sleepless nights,Associated with poor sleep of the child. At the same time, scientists have proved that a baby can sleep without waking up, 6-8 hours, starting from the age of two months, if nothing disturbs him.

To teach a child to sleep at night, you need to take care of this issue immediately after birth.

In order for a child to learn to sleep at night,To understand how the night sleep passes. And it consists of two phases - the phase of fast sleep and the phase of deep sleep, which alternately replace each other. Newborn children do not know how to bind them together, so they often wake up at night.

To teach a child to sleep at night, you need to teach him to connect a quick and deep sleep. If you do not do this in infancy, then it will be even more difficult to accustom the baby at a later age.

When the baby is born, it is necessary to follow the following recommendations:
- try to organize for the child a separateSleeping place in his bed (and even better - in a separate room), where he will not be disturbed by unnecessary noise, light and other unfavorable factors for falling asleep-
- create a baby ritual of retirement about sleep (for example, bathing, hygienic procedures, dressing, feeding, reading fairy tales, falling asleep) -
- do not jump at night for every rustle and notTake the kid on the handles on the first call - give him the opportunity to try to sleep himself (of course, you can not force the child to wait too long, bursting into tears) -
- if the baby cried, eliminate the cause (wetDiaper, stomach pain, hunger), shake it slightly on the handles, try putting it back on the bed, sit next to it, stroke it and let it fall asleep again)
- organize the regime so that the baby does not fall asleep at the breast or with a bottle, food should not be associated with him with a sleep-
- despite the fact that many doctors do not recommendUse a pacifier, a healthy sleep of the mother is no less important for the baby, so some children (especially those who are on artificial feeding), it is necessary in order to satisfy the sucking reflex-
- do not turn on the light in the child's room at night, if he is awake - he must understand in infancy that this is not the time for games-
- Educate patience in the child during wakefulness - so he learns to fall asleep at night on his own, without waiting for your participation in the process of connecting the phases of fast and deep sleep.

Following these instructions, you will be able toThree to four months of the child's life, teach him to sleep at night without waking up more than 6 hours. Having taught a child to associate sleep phases at such a young age, you will render him invaluable help, because his strong sleep and his mother who has slept are the guarantee of his full development.

At an older age, teach the child to sleepAt night it will be somewhat more difficult, however, most of the recommendations listed above will help to do this much faster and without much trouble for the child's psyche.

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