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TEACH your baby to sleep separately

Teach the child to sleep alone

In order to wean her child sleeping in bed with their parents, need to show a lot of patience and resourcefulness.

Your actions in relation to the child must be consistent and systematic, because the learning process can be very long, up to several months.

To move the baby to another bed by less problematic for you and for him, it is necessary to use a few tips.



Choose a suitable time for the child to his resettlement. The best age is the age of three years.


Explain your actions, talk to him. Do not underestimate a child or think that he is not able to absorb this information. Explain to him that it was a time when you need to sleep separately.


Make baby bed most comfortable, beautiful, comfortable and safe.


Let your child go to bed with his favorite toy or, if none, then acquired specifically for this toy that would protect him and his dream.


Tell him a story or sing a bedtimesong that the child slept quietly. But no need to go in this case to the bitter, that is, until the moment when the child falls asleep, otherwise it will become a "drug" for him.


Leave a night light and open door on overnight.


Not to undermine the confidence of the child and is born in his mind the dark fears of monsters and loneliness.

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