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How to teach your baby to count: tips

How to teach your kid count

To teach children the basics of mathematics is possible already withthree or four years. Usually children of this age already know how to intelligently calculate how much they see those or other items, not just to show them with your fingers, calling numbers, as do babies of two years.

The main thing - to provide training so that it is feasible and brings pleasure to the child.

Start learning account with real-world examples. Going for a walk, ask your child to count the number of animals, which he sees in the yard. A good clear example can also be trees, houses, and the number of windows in them, and even swallows on wires. Back home, count the number of shoes in the hallway, and ask the kid as far as it has increased since you took off his shoes. It can be asked to count the number of cutlery on the table. Let the kid first considers all the forks and spoons separately and then put them together.

When teaching children, especially small ones, can not becan not do without elements of the game. Travel with a baby in the imaginary store, calling the pre-required for your products and their quantity. After accidentally "forget" about a certain product or call the wrong number of his child to have corrected. Thus, you will not only train his counting skills, but also develop a memory. The process of "payment" must also take place. Of course, for this purpose should not use real money, and fictitious "currency", for example - candy wrappers, buttons or pieces of colored paper. Let their child for correct answers and the manifestation of intelligence.

To study the numbers from one to ten,use images with those numbers, which you can buy or make yourself. The main thing - that they are beautiful, bright and are all the time in front of the eyes of a baby. Pay attention to the child on the number of "zero". Explain to your child what it means "nothing."

After a successful study, go to the nextstage - the study of tens. The best way to explain the formation of such numbers on matches. First, lay out the ten matches of the same color, and the top - ten matches of a different color. You can put them in order, and call each number separately. Explain that two decades - is twenty, thirty - thirty, and so on. Make sure that the child successfully mastered the information, and then teach him to fold, and calculate the same way as it did in the previous steps.

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