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How to teach your baby to clean toys?

How to teach your baby to clean toys?

Of course, the finished ways to help teach your child to clean toys do not exist. Every mother is based on our own experience and advice of close friends.

Most importantly, what not to do - is to shout at the child and the power to make him clean up the toys.

All children love to repeat after her parents,so the best way to teach your child by example. It is therefore necessary that all your things in order. Start to clean toys with your child. On the first day a child can remove one or two toys, and you pick up the rest.

Over time, the number of toys willincrease. Helping a child needs until such time as he will not be alone to cope with the cleaning. It is important to be cleaned every day, and not from case to case, because it can become a habit.

It is best to carry out cleaning with a child in a playful way. For example, you can arrange a competition to determine the sweet prize that will go to those who collect the most toys in the box.

Or bedding toys in the box, the machineplace in the garage and so on. d. If space permits in the apartment, then please create multiple boxes for different toys and invent a story, through which the child will understand why it is necessary to remove toys it there.

For example, we can say that all the toys at nighttalking among themselves. It is necessary that the child has accepted the conditions of your game and do them. If the child does not want to comply with the terms of the game, then rewound "greedy box" in which you will clean up his favorite toys and give them to once a week.

If the baby does it right, be sure to praise him.

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