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How to learn to clean the baby's ears

How to learn to clean the baby's ears

Ears toddlers need constant care.

But every young mom is the hardest lesson is given, if it does not know how to clean the ears of your baby correctly.

Engage hygiene ears in the bestbathing. Bathing your baby should take place in warm water, but in any case not hot, use a soft washcloth. Lift the baby's head and hold it securely in his hands.

To wash the ears is well suited soaked in warm water towel or cotton pad, most importantly, do not use soap. Gently wipe the ears kid with his hand.

Do not forget to clean the place behind the ears, as there quite often accumulates dirt. Moistened towel or cotton wool, wipe the outside of the ear baby. After that, wipe the ear with a dry towel.

Next, we need cotton swabs, alwayslimiter. Slowly insert the stick in the eye of the baby, but not very deep, and carefully start to turn it around. With the wand you can well clean the ear canals of the child.

When cleaning the ears do not forget about the child. See that kid was cozy and warm. If necessary, wrap it in a clean warm towel to the child is not frozen.

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