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How to teach York to a leash

How to teach York to a leash

To accustom to the collar and leash is necessary to any dog, no matter how decorative breed it was.

This should be done with the first days of the appearance of the puppy in the house, after he has settled into his new home.

In order that would not cause the dog a negative to this must-have accessory, should gradually accustom.



Once you have purchased a collar with leashfor your pet, they need to be to erode the production of unpleasant odors (leather goods), and at home to give your puppy an opportunity to get to know them.

how to train a puppy to the collar


Once your puppy stops accentattention to these things, you can try to put a collar on his neck during the game. If your baby starts to protest, try to distract him. If a dog is too much negative reaction, you should remove the collar and put the process of getting used to for some time. At the beginning of acquaintance collar should be worn for a short time, its increasing with each passing day. Do not forget to encourage your pet a treat, it will accelerate the process of habituation.

how to teach a dog to the collar


Once the puppy is used to his collar andcalmly walks with him around the house, you can acquaint him with the leash. To start fasten it and let your child run, dragging the leash behind him. You can ask someone in your family to get up at a distance from you and call your baby, and you need at this time to accompany the dog, holding the leash of her. Gradually accustom the dog to the leash tension, periodically pulling and loosening it. The first time, walk around the house with a lead, after full start getting used to go out.

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