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How to teach to the toilet pug

How to teach to the toilet pug

Pug - beautiful sweet dog, you want to educate, vaccinate her various kinds of habits from an early age.

Often, many of the owners of problem dogs toilet training.



The house is necessary to allocate a certain place where the dog should celebrate his need. Remove drawers and boxes, which can get a dog, but leave a couple of places, because to teach to the toilet It requires a lot of effort and time.


Plan your diet on the clock. Let's feed on a daily basis at the same time, remove the food between meals.


Pay attention to the signals that the dogIt shows, when he wants to use the toilet. This may whine, slow walking, circling in one place, leaving the room, sniffling. Trained dogs can bark or scratch the door, thereby making it clear that it is time out. Seeing any of these symptoms, immediately print the dog for a walk. Give treats, play or take a walk after the dog relieve themselves in the street.


Walk every time the same route as the smell will remind the dog that you come out not only to take a walk. Some dogs prefer to run and play first, allow it to them.


Walk the dog should be at the same time. Small puppies need to display every hour, or after playing, sleeping and eating. Last output the dog at night and before you leave the dog alone.


Adult dogs should be displayed for a minimum of 4 timesday. If you see that the dog defecate in the room, scolded her. Immediately print the dog outside. Puppy can be raised, and an adult dog should pull the collar, thereby expressing their indignation.


Your task - to scare the dog and stop it withoutcompleting the job. After the dog has finished this thing outside, praise her. If you are unable to stop the dog, it is better not to do anything else at the moment. To eliminate the odor, wash the area thoroughly with a disinfectant. Otherwise, the next time the dog goes to the toilet in the same place. Nurture their dogs properly, and your pet will bring only joy.

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