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How to teach a pug toilet


How to teach a pug toilet</a>

Pug is a lovely cute dog that needs to be educated, instilled in her various habits from an early age.

Often, many owners have the problem of accustoming the dog to the toilet.



In the house it is necessary to allocate a certain place, where the dog must cope with his need. Remove the boxes and boxes where the dog can get, but leave a couple of such places, because the teaching to Toilet Requires a lot of effort and time.


Plan the power mode by the hour. Give food at the same time every day, clean food in between meals.


Pay attention to the signals that the dogShows when he wants to use the toilet. Perhaps it is a mournful howl, slow walking, spinning in one place, leaving the room, sniffing. Trained dogs can bark or scrape the door, thereby making it clear that it's time to go outside. Having noticed any of the listed signs, immediately bring the dog out for a walk. Give a treat, play or walk after the dog has coped with the need on the street.


Go every time one route, because the smell reminds the dog that you go out not only to take a walk. Some dogs prefer to run and play first, let them.


Walk the dog at the same time. Small puppies should be taken out every hour, or after playing, sleeping and eating. Last time you take the dog out at night and before you leave the dog alone.


Adult dogs should be taken out at least 4 times forday. If you saw that the dog is coping with the need for indoors, scold her. Immediately bring the dog out into the street. The puppy can be raised, and the adult dog should be pulled out for the collar, thereby expressing its indignation.


Your task is to scare the dog and stop it, notHaving completed what was started. After the dog has finished this business on the street, praise her. If you can not stop the dog, it's better not to do anything at the moment. To eliminate the smell, thoroughly wash the place with a disinfectant. Otherwise, the next time the dog goes to the toilet at the same place. Educate your dogs correctly, and your pet will bring only joy.

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