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How to teach the youth of today to read books?

How to teach the youth of today to read books?

In books, newspapers and magazines can be found for a lot of new information. But what about people who, for example, do not like to read.

And this applies especially to the youth of today.

Bursaries are always held in high esteem

Being knowledgeable and well-read man - thatso great! Therefore it is best to help to develop a love of reading from childhood. This should take care of the parents, this should tell the teacher at school. Very often ends up forced recruitment of reading, and it is, in practice, it does not have much effect. Rather, it is from the constant calls for reading in young people there hostility or aversion to books.
Rather, you need to prove to young people that havewell-read and intelligent - it is fashionable and cool. What knowledge makes life way easier. A man-scholar with a broad and deep intellectual knowledge, knows the world and delves into specific topics directly through the book, and so it is safe from some of life of grief and falls. Bursaries always obvious and presenting correctly, it causes only admiration.

To impart the right values ​​and a love of books - it is the prerogative of parents.

speed reading courses

Sometimes a person may possess a weakreading skills, so I do not like to read. He just does not know how to read quickly and easily, without any effort on yourself. Then they can help a good speed reading courses. It is also possible to identify the preferences of the person and give him a certain book genres. Progress in this case will be gradual.
Needed literature that would be cuts to thethe soul, it can also be a book beloved author. Then people will remember that he once loved to read. It is necessary to take into account the fact that it is difficult to resist the temptation to watch a movie or listen to an audio book instead of reading the original version.

Much depends on the personal example: if you read for yourself, then the child is likely to follow your example.

Pedagogical methods

There are special teaching methods,that encourage young people desire to read. For example, some teachers conduct lessons, interrupted at the most interesting place. It is assumed that children become interested, will seek to reading the book to the end. Typically, such a device is designed to laziness and boredom, which should go under the influence of interest.
Therefore, to generate interest in reading, the teacheror just a person must have some talent: acting, oratory, great care. It is believed that a universal method to teach the youth of today to read does not exist. Each person is different, so what will work for one, will not have the same effect on the other.

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