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How to teach texts

How to teach texts

Master the art of memorizing texts easily and usefully for your life and health.

After all, a bad memory sometimes cause trouble weight, especially if you need to store large amounts of information.

You will need

  • Positive attitude
  • Concentration
  • Association
  • Imagination
  • Crosswords
  • Orderliness



Convince yourself that you have a good memory. Get rid of the idea that nothing ever remember and forget. Every time you get something, encourage yourself. Keep a positive attitude.


Focus on the text that you want to remember. Attention is the basis of the texts of memorization. Nothing should distract you. Drop all irrelevant thoughts.


Train your memory as often as possible. To do this, solve puzzles, play a variety of intellectual games, learn foreign languages ​​or poem, etc.


Think of text that you need to learn. To do this, divide it into logical segments, and then describe each of them connecting your imagination. Refer to the associations that you cause the text. The more vivid and emotional images will arise in your mind, the better you remember the text.


Try to be organized person. You need to know what and where is your home, where your daily routine is written and when the deadline for delivery of your current work. This greatly improves the memory, so memorize texts will be easier.


Avoid stress, eat well anddo not forget about physical activity and need every day to be outdoors. All of these factors will enhance the health and, consequently, your brain will work better and remember more information.

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