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How to learn speed reading

Fast reading - a useful skill in a world where time is not enough for anything. On average, the student is able to defeat a hundred words per minute, and students - 120-200 words.

A quick reading of their number increases to 500.V normal circumstances sight reading stops at every word.

speed reading method implies that the eye is able to capture just a few words and make fewer movements.

This method also helps to better understandtext, since to reach the consciousness already filled with meaning phrases, rather than individual slova.Suschestvuet a few tips that can help you train your reading speed.



Before you start reading, focus. At the time of reading forget about all the problems and try to avoid being distracted.


Do not re-read the words again, if the textrelatively simple. If the opinion and tries again to run through the rows, close the old, for example, a piece of paper. If the meaning is not clear, go back, but after reading the entire text.


Try to read the eyes. No need to repeat the words out loud or whisper. Nor should we follow the read words with your finger or, for example, a ruler. So you just force yourself to read at a slow pace.


After a quick reading of the passage, try to grasp its essence. We must not forget that reading is still more important the speed of understanding, and not the number of words read.


Taps for training 5-10 minutes each day,preferably using a book that has not yet opened. Try to cover as many words as possible. At the end of the reading, check how you understand the contents.

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