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How to teach the scale

In most European languages ​​Russian analogue of the word "scale" - the word "ladder", "stage".

This is the whole essence of the range - step by step to play a group of notes on a particular instrument.

The purpose of the execution of scales - to improve the coordination of hands, increase the speed and technique, as well as to understand the composition of the interval major and minor scales.



Use the special teaching aids. Methods of execution scales specified therein, developed over several centuries and have become almost universal. In particular, said the tutorial in fingering sure to be comfortable, as has been verified by many generations of musicians.


Studying the range on a particular instrument,singer faced with typical problems. For example, when running on a stringed instrument is important to choose a comfortable position. In other words, the same sound can be extracted two or three strings.
Selection string depends, firstly, the currenthand position (in what is easier to readjust the position), and secondly, from her position after the note (in what position would have to be reconstructed after the sound performance).
An exception is made if the musician's hand size or irregularly shaped. In such cases, the fingering is calculated directly in the analysis range.


On wind instruments, many notes are taken pereduvaniya. For example, to take note of the "before" of the second octave, musician must submit a strong stream of air.


On the piano is learning scales in three stages. First batch of each hand separately (right, then the left), then together. A common right hand fingering for the major and minor scales - the first finger on the impurity in the third tertsii- then is enclosed in the first quart. At the top is taken or will take the first finger (if more than one octave range), or fifth. Down - in reverse order.
For the left hand: from the fifth to the first, then the third finger is enclosed. Next is a fourth on the second (top) or in the reverse order down.
At the same time, an alternative embodimentfingerings. It is based on the rule according to which the black keys can not play the first and fifth toes. In such cases, the fingering is selected individually.

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