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How to learn scales


How to learn scales</a>

In most European languages, the analog of the Russian word "gamma" is the word "ladder", "step".

This is the whole gamut - step by step to play a group of notes on this or that instrument.

The goal of the performance is to increase the coordination of hands, increase speed and technique, and also to understand the interval composition of the major and minor scales.



Use special training aids. The methods of execution of the scales specified in them were developed over several centuries and became practically universal. In particular, the fingering indicated in the tutorial will certainly prove to be convenient, as it has been tested by numerous generations of musicians.


Studying the gamma on a particular instrument,The performer faces characteristic difficulties. For example, when playing a stringed instrument, it is important to choose a convenient position. In other words, one and the same sound can be extracted on two or three strings.
The choice of a string depends, first, on the currentThe position of the hand (which position is easier to rearrange), and secondly, from its position after the note (in which position it will be necessary to rearrange after the execution of the sound).
An exception is made if the musician has a non-standard form or size hand. In such cases fingering is calculated directly when analyzing the gamma.


On wind instruments, many notes are taken by blowing. For example, to take a note "to" the second octave, the musician must submit a stronger jet of air.


On the piano scales are learned in three stages. First, the party of each hand separately (right, then left), then together. The common fingering of the right hand for major and minor scales is the first finger on the primer, the third on the third, then the first finger is placed on the quart. On the top accept either the first finger (if the gamma is more than one octave) or the fifth one is taken. Down - in the reverse order.
For the left hand: from the fifth to the first, then the third finger is placed. Next comes either the fourth for a second (up), or in the reverse order down.
At the same time, there is an alternativeFingering. It is based on the rule that black keys can not be played with the first and fifth fingers. In such cases fingering is chosen individually.

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