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How to teach an adult painting

How to learn adult painting

Drawing - a modern fashionable hobby helps take a fresh look at the world around us. One of the most interesting and inviting sections of this art is painting.

With the help of the artist captures in paint nature, people, interiors and so on.

Today, painting classes are available for many adults.

Painting for Beginners: Materials

In order to learn painting, you need to selectfashion and painting materials. For example, you can work using watercolor, oil, tempera, gouache, acrylic. Each kind of paint has its own characteristics and needs of individual tools.
One of the most common and affordablea wide range of materials are gouache and watercolor. Both water-soluble dye, almost odorless. To draw gouache prefer dense brush (eg, bristles). With watercolor work better softer instruments with sharp tip: the speakers pony.

Gouache has a dense texture, so thatflaws easy to fix, causing new strokes over the previous ones. Watercolor - Material cranky and difficult, which gives a translucent image. Edit this difficult art.

Of particular note is oil painting. This material is professional and requires more careful preparation. Oil-based paint should paint on canvas or primed plywood. Plain paper does not fit: the oil it is not absorbed, so the picture may deteriorate over time greatly. An exception is the technique of "dry brush". To her suit sheets for watercolors.

Adults and painting endless possibilities

Today, there are many courses thatThey offer adult to learn painting. As those groups are not there. Lessons you can start at any time and individual attention the teacher will learn the basic rules.
However, some professional artists do notrecommend beginners to adults go into the basics of academic drawing. The technique, ideal for teaching children, not suitable for people aged. The fact that the result will be visible after some time, he could "kill" the desire to paint.

Most popular found an unconventional approachIgor Sakharov. The artist specializes in oil painting, and offers students immediately take up the dye, instead of brushes, first, use a palette knife, fingers, cloth.

The highlight of the training - continuous training. Try rarely use a pencil to create a sketch. So you learn to play faster in paint form. If you want to paint landscapes, create several paintings from photographs before going outdoors. To study the development of the portrait-light rule.
To painting enjoyable,Be sure to read the basic properties of color. Knowing the mixing rules, you save yourself from unnecessary spending. "The main" young painter paints should be white, red, blue, yellow and brown. Some called the "carcass" of color data. By mixing, you get a surprisingly rich and unusual shades.
Of particular note is the black paint. Professionals do not use it in practice, as the color looks in the pictures dark and strong, "clogs" the rest of the image. To get a nice dark shade, mix the brown, red and blue. By varying the color, you can create a unique and spectacular "black".

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