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How to learn to paint an adult


How to learn to paint an adult </a>

Drawing is a modern fashionable hobby, helping to look at the world around in a new way. One of the most interesting and inviting sections of this work is painting.

With its help, the painter paints the nature, people, interiors, etc.

Today, painting classes are available for many adults.

Painting for Beginners: Materials

To learn painting, you must chooseMethod and materials for drawing. For example, you can work with watercolor, oil, tempera, gouache, acrylic. Each type of paint has its own characteristics and requires individual tools.
Some of the most common and availableA wide range of materials are gouache and watercolor. Both paints are water soluble, practically odorless. For drawing gouache, choose dense brushes (for example, bristles). With watercolors it is better to work with softer instruments that have a sharp tip: columns, ponies.

Gouache has a dense texture, soFaults are easy to fix, putting new strokes on top of previous ones. Watercolor is a capricious and complex material that gives a translucent picture. It is difficult to edit such a painting.

Particularly noteworthy is oil painting. This material is professional and requires more thorough preparation. Oil paints should be painted on canvas or ground plywood. Plain paper does not work: the oil does not absorb into it, so the picture may deteriorate over time. The only exception is the "dry brush" technique. For her, the watercolor sheets will do.

Adults and painting: limitless possibilities

Today there are many courses thatOffer adults to learn painting. As such, there are no groups. Classes you can start at any time, and the individual approach of the teacher will help you learn the basic rules.
However, some professional artists do notRecommend the beginning adults to go deep into the basics of academic design. The technique, ideally suited for teaching children, is not suitable for an older person. The fact is that the result will be noticeable after a long time, which can "kill" the desire to draw.

A great popularity gained an unconventional approachIgor Sakharov. The artist specializes in oil painting and offers students to immediately take on paints, and instead of brushes, first, use a palette knife, fingers, cloths.

The main point of training is constant training. Try rarely to use a pencil to create a sketch. So you will soon learn how to reproduce shapes in colors. If you want to draw landscapes, before going to the open air, create several pictures from the photos. To learn the portrait, study the rules of illumination.
To paint a pleasure,Be sure to learn the basic properties of flowers. Knowing the rules of mixing, you will save yourself from unnecessary waste. The "main" colors of the beginning painter should be white, red, blue, yellow and brown. Some call these colors "wireframe". By mixing, you will get surprisingly rich and unusual shades.
Particular attention should be paid to black paint. Professionals practically do not use it, tk. This color looks in the pictures gloomily and strongly "hammers" the rest of the image. To get a beautiful dark shade, mix brown, red and blue. Varying colors, you can create a unique and spectacular "black".

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