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How to learn growling


How to learn growling</a>

In recent years on the Russian and foreign sceneThere were a lot of teams that used in songs such unusual technique of singing as growling (from English growling "growl"). And, indeed, this vocal is more like an animal growl than singing.

Such vocals are typical for Black-, Death- and DoomMetal, as well as for Grindcore, Metalcore and Deathcore, in other words for heavy music.

However, not only the representatives of the stronger sex, who naturally have low voices, but also young people with higher voice voices, and even girls, can learn the growl.



Conventional growling can be divided into severalSubspecies: traditional, growl on the splitting of vocal cords, mixed growling and squealing (better known as "grunky?"). In any case, the main growl is for all kinds of growling.
There are several opinions about which parts of the throatForm a growl. First? ? Growling? Sound is achieved because of the direction of air flow to the soft sky-the second? The air flow is directed to the false ligaments located just above the main ones. However, in fact, the mechanism of the grower does not differ from eructation, that is, with the proper execution of the growling, the same parts of the body and, in particular, the throat, are involved, as in the eructation. You can try to regurgitate several times in order to better understand the mechanism.


Next, go to the sound. The easiest sounds at first? It? And-and-and? And? Yy-yy ?, in order for them to turn out, you need to simultaneously press the tip of the tongue to the sky, lower your chin down, and the Adam's apple should on the contrary rise up to the chin, while under the lower jaw should be felt tension. Now it remains only to exhale, folding his lips or a tube, in order to make a sound? Y ?, or slightly raising the corners of his lips in order to make a sound? And ?. If everything is done correctly, you should get the necessary roar. Do not immediately do it at a high volume, and even more so do not scream (you can plant ligaments). Start with a small volume.
After you mastered the skillExtracting simple sounds, you can proceed to extract the remaining vowels. At first it will be difficult, because the language should not be involved in their extraction, that is, it should not rest on the sky. Language is only needed at the initial stages, as an auxiliary apparatus, to bring the voice apparatus to the desired position for the grower. After all the vowels are mastered, proceed to the pronunciation of the words.


When grousing, it is also important not to forget aboutCorrect breathing. To sound was equal and strong you need to learn to breathe belly ?. Exhale, while emptying the lower part of the lungs, the stomach should be slightly depressed, but not retracted. After that, slowly, take the air in the same lower part of the lungs, while the stomach is slightly inflated. Do not overwork, otherwise you can lose consciousness. After you have gained air, exhale, pushing the muscles of the press air from the bottom up and lifting the diaphragm, and do not forget to growl. The press is constantly in tension.
It is important not to eat tightly before exercise,Because the pressure is pressing on the stomach, and therefore can lead to undesirable consequences. If everything is done correctly, the growl should be smooth and lasting.

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