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How to teach a growling

How to learn growling

In recent years, Russian and international stagethere are many teams that use in songs such extraordinary singing technique as growl (growling from the English?? growling?). And, indeed, such a vocal is more like an animal growl, rather than singing.

Such vocal characteristic of Black-, Death- and DoomMetal, as well as Grindcore, Metalcore and Deathcore, in other words for heavy music.

However, to learn to growl can not only representatives of the stronger sex, the nature of which have low voices, but also young people with a higher tone of voice, and even girls.



Conventionally, growling can be divided into severalsubspecies: Traditional, growling at the splitting of the vocal cords, mixed growling and squealing (better known as hryukanina?). Main all kinds of growling in any case is the traditional growl.
There are several opinions on what part of the throatform a growl. The first? ? Growling? sound is achieved due to the air flow direction in the second soft nebo-? the air flow is directed to the false cords, located just above the key. However, in fact, growling mechanism does not differ from regurgitation, ie the same part of the body involved with proper performance characteristics and growling throat that belching. You can try several times to belch, to better understand the mechanism.


Next, go to the picking. The lightest sounds at first? it? and-and-and? and? y-y-y ?, so that they have received, you must simultaneously press the tip of the tongue to the sky, his chin down, and Adam's apple at the same time should be the other way around to climb up to his chin, while under the lower jaw must be perceived stress. Now it remains only to exhale, folded lip or tube, in order to get the sound? Y ?, or slightly lifting the corners of her mouth to get the sound? And ?. If done correctly, it should receive the necessary growl. Do not just do it at high volume, and has certainly not worth screaming (you can put a bunch). Start with a small volume.
Once you have mastered the skillextraction of simple sounds, you can proceed to the recovery of the remaining vowels. At first it will be difficult, since their extraction should not be involved language, that is, he must not rest against the sky. Language is needed only in the initial stages, as an auxiliary device to bring the vocal apparatus in the right position to growl. After all the vowels are mastered, move on to the pronunciation of words.


If growling is also important not to forgetproper breathing. To the sound was smooth and strong need to learn? Breathe stomach ?. Exhale, emptying the lower part of the lungs, the stomach at the same time should be a little impressed, but not retracted. After slowly, dial the air in the lower part of the lungs, the stomach at the same time slightly inflated. Do not overworked, otherwise you can lose consciousness. After you take a breath, exhale, pushing the abdominal muscles the air from the bottom up and lifting the diaphragm, and do not forget to growl. Press while constantly remains in suspense.
It is important not to eat before exercise tight,because the voltage pushes on the stomach, and thus may lead to undesirable consequences. If done correctly, you should get a growl smooth and long.

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