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How to learn the exam


How to learn the exam</a>

Efficacy from different ways of preparing forExams will be different if you, for example, are going to learn tickets in the library or at home, overlaid with a bunch of books, or just read the lecture notes.

Naturally, it is better to find a method with which you can prepare for the exam with maximum benefit.



First and foremost, it is important to set yourself up for study. Ahead of a serious test, so talking with your girlfriend on the phone or talking with friends on the social network leave for the future. Time will pass, exams will end, and you will have plenty of free time again. Concentrate on the preparation, take a certain amount of time a day for study, for example 3-4 hours. Do not devote to study 24 hours a day, unless, of course, the exam is not tomorrow. Teach at that time of the day when you are easier to remember the material. Of course, all people are different, but according to observations of scientists the highest performance is observed in 9-11 and 16-18 hours.


All people have different types of memory (visual,Auditory, motor). Therefore, the preparation methods for the exam will be different. If you have a well developed auditory memory, learn the tickets, clearly pronouncing the text. At the same time after reading the topic, read out the passed out aloud. For people with advanced visual memory it is useful to read the material, making notes in the text, highlighting headings, keywords. So it will be easier for you to reproduce the page and remember the information you read. Write cribs can be advised to all, and especially people who have developed motor memory. They can also make a brief summary of the ticket read.


The most successful way to remember a mnemonics, i.e. Memorization with the help of associations. In order to remember the date, for example, think, maybe it looks like the birthday of one of your friends or it reminds you of someone's phone number. Similarly formulas are remembered. To each letter, find the corresponding word and make a sentence, or even better rhyme verse. To cramming, use only as a last resort, when the time to prepare for the exam is short or you do not understand the topic.


Do not delay preparing for the exam atlast day. It is better to plan in advance how many tickets or topics you will be teaching per day. At the same time on the last day, try not to leave anything at all. Take him to the repetition of all questions, rest in the evening, go to bed early, and you will be successful in passing the exam.

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