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How to teach exam

How to teach exam

The effectiveness of different methods of preparation forexams will be unequal, if you, for example, are going to teach the tickets at the library or at home, surrounded by a pile of books, or just going to read the lecture notes.

Naturally better to find a method with which it is possible to maximum advantage to prepare for the exam.



First and foremost, it is important to set yourself up for study. Ahead of a tough test, so talk with a friend on the phone or chatting with friends in a social network, leave the future. As time passes, it is time to end exams, and you will once again be a lot of free time. Focus on training, take a certain amount of time in the day to study, for example 3-4 hours. It is not necessary to devote study 24 hours a day, unless, of course, the exam is tomorrow. Teach at a time of day when you are easier to remember the material. Of course, everyone is different, but according to the observations of scientists highest performance observed in the 9-11 and 16-18 hours.


All people have different types of memory (visual,auditory, motor). Therefore, methods of preparation for the exam will be different. If you have a well-developed auditory memory, teach tickets, saying the text clearly. In this case, after reading threads aloud Teach traveled. For people with well-developed visual memory is useful to read the material, making notes in the text, highlighting the headings, keywords. So it will be easier to reproduce the page and remember to read the information. Write cribs can advise everyone, especially people who have developed motor memory. They can also be read a brief summary of the ticket.


The most successful way of remembering mnemonic, ie remembering with the help of associations. In order to remember the date, for example, think, maybe it's like a birthday party for someone from friends or that reminds you of someone's phone number. Similarly, stored and formulas. Each letter of the word and find appropriate, make a proposal, and even better rhyming poem. By cramming resorted to only in extreme cases, when the time to prepare for the exam is tight or you do not understand the topic.


Do not put off preparing for the examlast day. Better advance, plan how many tickets or those you teach per day. At the same time on the last day, try not to leave anything. Take him to repeat all matters rest at night, go to bed early, and successful passing the exam you will be provided.

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