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How to teach children to draw

How to teach children to draw

If a child tries to semolina to portray something, it's time to buy the paint, paper and create. Psychologists believe that the earlier your child starts to draw, the sooner it will begin to develop.

While he is still small, we will draw together with the child and help him master the easiest technique of art.

To do this, finger paints work best - they are non-toxic and easily washed off with water, they can be easily purchased at any store that sells office supplies.

You will need

  • Thick paper (Whatman) or wallpaper from the inside, it is advisable to lay the entire table.
  • Finger paints,
  • Wet wipes,
  • Sponge dense to cut different figures,
  • Good mood.



Equip the place to draw. To do this, you can use an ordinary children's table, laid out his paper. Paints of different colors lay on the jar and spread them a little water. Handle baby should be placed loosely in a container so that it can gain the paint freely. Put next to a wet towel to wipe the fingers.


The easiest exercise that will give the childidea of ​​his great abilities and capabilities, will handprints footprints that he left on his first canvas. At the same time he read and drawing technique, which involves the removal of paint from his fingers at each change of color.


Sit down together with your baby and trydraw, such as the sun. Select the paint - the selection process, too, can beat. Talk to him - what color should be the sun. Dip a finger in the selected paint, draw a circle and rays.


Now you can draw a sea or river. Wipe your baby handle, remove the paint and then dip a finger in blue. To the sea you can not feel sorry for all paint and dip fingers. Draw waves.

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