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How to teach children to draw

How to teach children to draw</a>

If a child tries to represent something with semolina porridge, it's time to buy paint, paper and create. Psychologists believe that the earlier your child starts painting, the sooner his development will begin.

While he is still small, we will draw with the baby and help him to master the lightest technique of fine art.

This is best done with finger paints - they are not toxic and easily washed off with water, they can be easily bought at any store where they sell stationery.

You will need

  • Heavy paper (Whatman) or wallpaper from the inside, it is desirable to cover the whole table.
  • Colored paints,
  • Wet wipes,
  • The sponge is dense to cut out different figures,
  • Good mood.



Equip a place for drawing. To do this, you can use an ordinary children's table, making it paper. Paints of different colors spread on jars and dissolve them a bit with water. The child's handle must be free to fit into the container so that it can easily draw paint. Place a wet towel next to it to wipe your fingers.


The easiest exercise that will give a childThe idea of ​​his great abilities and capabilities, will become the prints of the hands that he will leave on his first canvas. At the same time, he will get acquainted with the drawing technique, which implies removing the ink from the fingers with each color change.


Sit down with the baby and tryDraw, for example, the sun. Select the desired paint - you can also beat the selection process. Discuss with him what color the sun should be. Dip your finger into the selected paint, draw a circle and rays.


Now you can draw a sea or a river. Wipe the baby's pen, remove the paint and again dab the finger in blue. For the sea, you can not regret the paint and dipped all the fingers. Draw the waves.

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