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TEACH child to clean toys

Teach the child to clean toys

Sooner or later the question arises - how to teach a child to clean up after a toy? This is an important skill, and it is best to teach this skill before entering kindergarten.


In kindergarten, it is imperative to put toys, high chair and clothing. In addition, this orderly - another plus for independence.

The best age to teach a child to clean toys - from a half to three years.

Remarkably, if it will grow into a kind of family ritual or tradition.

Of course, every child is unique, but nevertheless, there are some general guidelines that will be useful.



The child needs to be taught by example, that there are parents themselves must keep their things in order. Remember that children love to repeat after you.


Start to get out with your child. On the first day he can take away a toy, and you - all the rest. Gradually increase the number of toys that you want to remove it, and the day will come when he will clean up toys.


If a child plays in the evening, it is better to finish the game before he gets tired, so he had more power for cleaning.


Try to clean toys with fantasy. For example, if your child likes to listen to music, you can turn it on and get out under it. Or ask them to remove the toys that they rested. It is also interesting to arrange a competition between you and the child - who will clean faster and more toys.


Equip the room "box-greedy." It is necessary to put all the toys that the child is not removed, and give them only a week later, explaining that "you do not put away the toy, so she does not need you, so she hurt you."


Remember that toys should be removed every day, not only when in a good mood.


Get immediately a few boxes of different toys and bright paint the them. In this case, each toy will be your place.


Every time praise the child for what he put the toys themselves.


Correctly Talk with your child and let him know - he is not you, and you help him clean up the toys.

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