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I teach a child to remove toys

Teaching a child to clean toys</a>

Sooner or later the question will arise - how to teach a child to clean toys? This is an important skill, and it is best to train this skill before entering kindergarten.


In the kindergarten, you must necessarily add toys, a chair and clothes. In addition, such accuracy is another plus to independence.

The best age for teaching a child to clean toys is from one and a half to three years.

It's great if it grows into a kind of family ritual or tradition.

Of course, each child is unique in its own way, but, nevertheless, there are some general recommendations that will be useful.



The child must be taught by his own example, that is, the parents themselves must keep their things in order. Remember that children like to chant after you.


Start cleaning with the child. On the first day, he can remove one toy, and you - all the rest. Gradually increase the number of toys that need to be removed to him, and the day will come when the toys will be cleaned by him.


If the child plays in the evening, it is better to finish the game before he gets tired, so that he still had the strength to clean.


Try to clean toys with imagination. For example, if your child likes to listen to music, you can turn it on and clean it up. Or ask him to remove the toys so that they rest. It is also interesting to arrange competitions between you and the child - who will remove toys faster and more.


Equip the "grease box" in the room. It is necessary to put all the toys that the child has not cleaned up and issue them only in a week, explaining this by saying that "you did not remove this toy, so you do not need it, so it offended you."


Remember that toys need to be cleaned every day, not just when the mood is good.


Get several boxes for different toys right away and brighten them up brightly. In this case, each toy will have its own place.


Every time, praise the child for removing toys on his own.


Correctly talk with the child and let him understand - he does not help you, but you help him to clean toys.

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