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Hamsters tend to be friendly and peaceful different character.

However, there are some exceptions.

The nature of the animal changes on the environment.

For example, if you bought a hamster in a cage that was calm and playful, in the new house, he can show aggression.

Dealing with such a beast would be quite difficult for some time.

You will need

  • - hamster
  • - Food for the hamster
  • - patience



The main thing is to remember that each ownerhamster - to tame the animal in hand can take from several days to months. The process of establishing contact with the person for the individual hamsters. To begin it is necessary to gradually taming. His active perseverance you can scare the animal.

How to teach a hamster have with it


From the first days of the life of a hamster in your hometry to pay attention to his taste preferences. Delicacy try to put in a cell so that the animal may see your hands. Within a few feedings, try to adjust the situation so that the hamster could sniff your fingers. It is desirable that in such moments, they smell of his favorite food.

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After a few days, try to treat the hamsterfood out of your hands. If the animal refuses, it is best not to persevere. Regularly repeated attempts, you will be able to build trust with your pet.


Once a hamster gets used to take a treat, notafraid of your hands, try to gently put it on the palm. If it could be done, gently pat the animal. Note that the touch with the animal's head can not be in any case.

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During contact with a hamster talking to him gentle words, compliments, mention his nickname. Hearing a pleasant tone, animal necessarily interested in you and will no longer be afraid.

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Once a hamster gets used to the hands, it can bewill be let out of the cells, play with him and put on his shoulder. All your movements should be gentle and tender. If the animal will regard your communication as aggression, the taming process will have to start from the beginning.


Devote more time to not only contact withanimals, but also to communicate. Sit next to the cage and just talk with your pet. Please note that the hamsters have not very good eyesight, so the surroundings are stored on the smells and sounds.

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