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How to teach a friend


How to teach a friend</a>

Let's assume that your ex-friend took your girlfriend away from you, or, for example, set him up for work.

It is clear that you can not leave it that way.

It is necessary to take revenge.

But how to do it right?

You will need

  • Desire to teach a friend.



With the same coin.
In order to teach his Friend, It is best, of course, to repay him thisSame coin. The matter is that your friend, for certain, never will understand, how it was bad to you, while itself will not test such feelings. In this regard, if you do not interfere with your moral principles, you can easily take Friend Girl or in the same way substitute for work.


Wait for a moment.
They say that the closest people hit the hardest. In this regard, you can pretend that you have completely forgiven Friend And begin to communicate with him more actively. Then be sure, the chance to substitute Friend Will certainly introduce himself. If you are not out of compassionate people, you will definitely use it. As they say, revenge is best served cold.


The most common option.
The simplest option that will help youTo annoy a friend is to dissolve unflattering rumors about him. Please note that with this, you should definitely prepare. It is also very important to find a suitable person for this - preferably a chatty girl. In addition, if you plan to mention yourself in these rumors, do not talk directly about a friend badly. Do it indirectly, otherwise you will have a lesson Friend And stay away, you will not get it.

Whispers in the ear

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