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How to teach a friend

How to teach a friend

Let's say that your former friend stole your beloved, or, for example, substituted on the job.

It is clear that to leave it because they can.

Be sure to take revenge.

But how to do it correctly?

You will need

  • desire to teach other.



The same coin.
In order to teach his friendBest of all, of course, is to pay him asame coin. The fact that your friend will probably never realize how bad it was you, not until you experience such feelings. Therefore, if you do not interfere with your moral principles, you can easily withdraw from the friend Woman or substituted in the same way to work.


Wait for the moment.
It is said that people close to the hardest hit. In this regard, you can pretend to be completely forgiven friend and to begin with it more actively communicate. There could be assured the chance to substitute friend It will certainly be presented. If you are not a compassionate, be sure to take advantage of them. As they say, revenge is best served cold.


The most common variant.
The easiest option, which will help youannoy the other - it dissolve of it unflattering rumors. Note that in this case, you should definitely be prepared. It is also important to find the right person for this - preferably chatty girl. In addition, if you plan to mention the rumors themselves, do not speak directly about the other bad. Do it indirectly, or to teach friend and stay away, you will not leave.

Whispers in the ear

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