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How to teach a dog to sit alone


How to teach a dog to sit alone</a>

Dogs, as a rule, are very attached to their masters, so separation from them is always perceived very painful.

Like humans, dogs are subject to stress, andLoneliness is one of the reasons for the development of neuroses. This leads to the fact that the pet starts gnawing shoes and things in the house, spoiling and dirty carpets, floors, howling and barking.

It is necessary to gradually accustom the dog to sit at home alone so that she does not experience unpleasant emotions.



Do not give in to emotions, do not get mad at A dog, Who misses and ugly in the apartment,While you are not. Try to understand your pet: in loneliness it despairs, does not know whether you will return back. The dog will get used to this situation, if you behave correctly and get patience. To teach A dog Sit alone, first change yourBehavior when leaving home and return. As a rule, the owners, parting with the dog, gently console the animal, stroked and show positive emotions. Returning, the owners get angry because of the spoiled things and scold the dog. Behave yourself the opposite: be cool at the parting, and when coming home, praise the dog, despite the mess.

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Take the pet to your own place where heWill feel safe. To do this, you can buy special canine booths for the house or make your own hands from boxes of the appropriate size. Put warm litter in the kennel. Accustom A dog To this place gradually: First put the box in the bedroom and put something tasty there. The doors must be open so that the dog can always enter and exit. After a while you can start to cover, and then close the doors. Soon the dog will get used to its kennel and will consider it a reliable place where you can stay until the owners are gone.

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Accustom A dog Be alone, even if you do not leave home. To do this, limit access to any room where you are. The closed door for the animal should become a symbol of the soon return of the host and the joy of meeting, not punishment. Leave A dog One in the room, saying goodbye to her cool, and after a while come back, praise and caress the animal.

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When the dog gets used to its place, move it to another room, so that at night it also remains alone. So the dog will soon get used to the fact that the owners are not around, and will take it calmly.

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