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How to teach a child to water


How to teach a child to water</a>

The child's life becomes full when he has the opportunity to visit more often in the water - to dive, swim, swim, play.

Not without reason, parents try to go on vacation on the beach with the children.

Water is a joy for children.

You just need to get used to it.



If the first bathing suddenly turns out to be unsuccessful, then the child may have a feeling of fear for a long time before this process. First you need to acquaint him with the water, carefully, carefully and thoughtfully.


You need to try to play with the baby in Water. You can start with small sprays, gradually it will stop them from being afraid.


Then mother can try to run from her child a little bit Water, He will naturally try to catch up with her.


Taking a child by the hand, you can enter the pond, sit down, and then show how the turtle moves, ask the child to repeat.


Help get used to Water Help and the ball. Knowing the shore and the depth, throw it accidentally into the pond. The depth should be the baby to the waist. You have to take his hand and go with him for a toy. Try to throw the ball farther and farther, so to his shoulders.


In the water you can also throw a toy and race it to find it.


The most fearless and safe for him will be if you give a circle or a ball. He will feel protected.


If all this is done more often, the children will soon be able to get used to Water, Not being afraid of her. If they get rid of this fear, they will not be able to teach them to swim.

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