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How to teach a child to water

How to teach a child to water

The child's life becomes complete when he has the opportunity to visit more frequently in water - diving, swimming, swim, play.

No wonder that parents are trying to go on vacation to the beach with the kids.

Water - a joy for children.

To it only needs to get used to.



If the first bathing suddenly fails, then the child may be permanently remain a sense of fear of the process. First you need to familiarize him with water, gently, carefully and thoughtfully.


You should try to play with the baby in water. You can start with a small spray, he gradually ceases to be afraid of them.


Then the mother can try to run from her little child waterHe naturally will try to catch up.


Taking the child by the hand, you can get into the pond, sit down, and then show how to move a bug, ask the child to repeat.


Used to help water and help the ball. Knowing the shore and the depth, accidentally throw it into the pond. The depth should be the kid on a belt. We need to take him by the hand and go with him for a toy. Try to throw the ball farther and farther away, so up to his shoulders.


In the water you can also throw a toy and a race to find her.


The most fearless and safe will, if given a circle or a ball for him. He feels secure.


If all this was done more often, the children will be able to quickly get used to waterWithout fear of it. If they get rid of this fear, they learn to swim - there is no trouble.

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