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How to teach a child to wash their hands

How to teach a child to wash their hands

To accustom the child to follow the rules of hygiene experts advise from an early age.

By the time when the baby begins to lead moreactive lifestyle, spending much time in the children's collective, in the street, in public places, the habit of regular hand washing should be already formed. This will help to protect the child from a variety of diseases transmitted through dirty hands - from respiratory virus infections to dysentery and hepatitis A.

My hands with pleasure

Root wash their hands independently child canapproximately three years before that parents help him. The kid has to get used to that before eating, after taking a walk, playing with pets or visiting the toilet you need to go to the bathroom.
Make the most comfortable procedure forchild - put the sink low stool so that he did not have to reach for the faucet, towel hang lower. You can buy baby soap in the form of fish, shell or funny animal, soft towels with bright images - this will interest the child.
When the baby gets older, choose soaps in the storewith it, given his preference. Let him be your own soap and towel - it is hygienic and increases the importance of hand washing procedures in the child's eyes.
If possible, put on the faucet restrictors to prevent water was too hot or too cold, when the child fills in the palm under the stream.
Teach a few nursery rhymes or poems on the theme of the need for washing and humming them during hand washing.

Helping habit foothold

Remind your child to observe hygiene personal example - let your children see that you wash your hands regularly.
At four child can already explained thatdirty hands can harbor harmful bacteria, which then together with food can get into the mouth to the man and make him ill. Try to do without the unpleasant details, photos do not show an increase in bacteria or helminths - bullying is not the best method of learning. But the draw of microbes on the palm washable marker and then wash off with soap and baby image surely enjoy.
Try not to get annoyed if the baby will drop the soap, towel, water sprayed on the floor. With the improvement of the coordination of the movements small mistakes will disappear.
Select one of the kid's toys, it is desirablemade of rubber or plastic and designed as a man or animal. Let toy "walks" to wash their hands or legs, together with his young owner. Remind the child on behalf of toys that he forgot to wash his hands before eating.
The child needs to know that the need to complypersonal hygiene and acts outside the home - be sure to take a walk, to visit, in a trip Antibacterial wipes or hygienic hand gel. The kid is better at an early age get used to touch the food, you can only clean hands and get dirty, you should probably remove the dirt from your fingers and palms.

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