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How to teach a child to wash their hands


How to teach a child to wash their hands</a>

Teaching the child to observe the rules of hygiene experts are advised from an early age.

By the time the baby starts to drive moreActive way of life, spend a lot of time in a children's team, on the street, in public places, the habit of regularly washing hands should be already formed. This will help protect the child from a variety of diseases transmitted through dirty hands - from respiratory infections to dysentery and hepatitis A.

My hands with pleasure

Begin to wash your hands by yourself a child canFrom about three years old, before that parents help him. The kid should get used to that, before going to food, after coming from a walk, playing with pets or going to the toilet, you need to go to the bathroom.
Make the procedure as comfortable as possible forChild - put a small bench near the sink so that he does not have to reach for the tap, hang the towel lower. You can buy baby soap in the form of a fish, a bowl or a funny little animal, soft towels with bright pictures - this will interest the child.
When the baby grows up, choose soap in the storeWith him, given his preferences. Let him have his own soap and towel - it's hygienic and increases the importance of the procedure for washing hands in the eyes of the child.
If possible, put the stoppers on the crane so that the water does not turn out to be too hot or too cold when the child puts his hands under the jet.
Learn a few children's songs or poems about the need for washing and sing them while washing your hands.

We help the habit of gaining a foothold

Remind the child about the need to observe hygiene by personal example - let the children see that you wash your hands regularly.
In four years it is already possible to explain to the child thatDirty hands can be inhabited by harmful microbes, which then, along with food, can get into the mouth to the person and make him fall ill. Try to do without unpleasant details, do not show enlarged photos of bacteria or helminths - intimidation is not the best method of training. But to draw microbes on the palm of a washable marker and then wash off the pictures with soap the child will surely like it.
Try not to get irritated if the baby drops soap, a towel, and sprinkles water on the floor. As coordination improves, small misses will disappear.
Choose one of the baby's toys, preferablyMade of rubber or plastic and made in the form of a man or an animal. Let the toy "walk" to wash hands or feet together with its small owner. Remind the child on behalf of the toy that he forgot to wash his hands before eating.
The child should know that the need to observePersonal hygiene acts outside the home - be sure to take with you for walks, visits, trips wet antibacterial wipes or hygienic hand gel. It is better for a baby to become accustomed from an early age, that it is possible to touch food only with clean hands, and having become dirty, it is necessary to remove dirt from fingers and palms more quickly.

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