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How to teach a child to walk by the handle

How to teach a child to walk by the handle

After a year, as soon as the baby learns to walk,should teach him the skill of walking on the handle. This is important, because the walk with her mother near, and not run away somewhere - this is the natural behavior of the child.

This is not training, but a necessity, connected with your child's safety. The natural environment is a leading mother and her baby - driven.

It was my mother sets the boundaries of what is permitted, explains the rules necessary for life.

During the training, the child must understand that there are interesting walks to the study of the world, and there are walks on business.

There are many ways of learning route, and every mother chooses what suits her and the child. But all methods are based on the two main.

  • The first method better known. He's a bit rough, but works perfectly. It is suitable for children who are already walking confidently down.

If the child quietly walked around, and then decidedroll on business or stop, then abruptly take his armpits and drag it to a couple of meters ahead. Then release and take again the hand. If the situation persists, then you repeat your actions. Do not scold the child and do not shout at him. Do not wait until the child goes away. If you run after escaping baby, it may take this behavior for playing "catch-up". So let go of the child up to a meter. Learning, always walk with a purpose, for a given route (eg, by mail or in the store).

  • second method more "gentle" to the child, but the more nervous one for Mom.

It is based on the fact that "negotiate" withchild. Going for a walk, you put a child a condition that will carry him in my arms to a certain place, and then it will be on their own. The main difficulty may be that the child refuses to go on foot. He starts to cry, only to be capricious in order to take it up again in his arms. In such a situation will only patience. But you must ensure that the child is at least a little self paced. If you succeed in this, then praise him, then again, take your hands with the new usloviem.Pri this method should take into account the child's age, its physiological ability and the time of year (summer go easier than in winter).

Going by the handle is not only convenient for the mother, but also safe for the child. Therefore it is necessary to be patient and teach your baby to this skill.

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