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How to teach a child to take care of toys

How to teach a child to take care of toys

Your child is growing, and with age it needs to explore the surrounding world is also increasing. He needed no more rattling toys, rattles, and something more adult and developed.

Of course, parents happy to buy their child a variety of cars, dolls, construction sets or musical toys.

And the child is also with great pleasure parses or breaks them.

Why is this happening and whether it is possible to teach a child just a little to appreciate their toys?

The child breaks a toy is not just because heI did not like it. This may be due to mere curiosity. Your daze wondering how to construct a toy, what is inside. For example, parents often tell the child that sits inside the machine's uncle - the driver behind the wheel. Or where the water lapped gets drunk doll or baby makes sounds piano. Mom and Dad often excite themselves in a curious child.

Also, the kids break toys for attentionparents. Mom and Dad work hard enough time paying your baby, and often compensate for this behavior is the purchase of a new toy. When parents see that the next machine was left without wheels, you begin explaining that you can not do. And that is communication. This child and sought his act.

It is better to teach your baby to lean from theearly age, showing all by example. No need to purchase baby toys "for his age." Take those that are interesting to him now, he will love. For example, for a two-year kid can buy a picture book in hardcover, toys for its development, a couple of machines without small details. And, of course, to show how and what you can play with these toys. Broken toys must be "treated" with the child, with explain that the toys hurt by his actions.

Books should be read and considered together. First, the child will be much more interesting. So mom can explain what is depicted in the pictures or read a story. Secondly, during the reading you need to show your child that it is necessary to carefully flip the sheets that tear or chew on them is prohibited.

Remove themselves and ask the child to clean toysin its place. To do this, suppose that for each type of toy is a corner apartment. For example, cars expanded in the garage, dolls and bears - on the bed, small valuables - in a box or chest, and books - on the shelf. Even if the baby a lot of toys, it is not a reason to leave them on the floor in a scattered way. The child should learn that break or throw things wrong. Parents should not admire such actions, but rather all kind show that they are very upset.

If the child is a "destructive" character, then you should pay attention to such toys, which can build up and break down. This cubes, designers. Let the kid, before the break, first build.

Breaking all in a row - this step is the development ofchild. Teach seriously appreciate things until six years can not be, because the sense of caring comes after only four years of life. What would be expensive and interesting toy was not the attention of parents to the child more. Play with your kid yourself, spend a lot of time together, and the sense of thrift will come by itself.

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