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Girl with pet

If you have pets at home, you have to firstmonths of life can lay the foundation for communicating with them. Baby necessarily pay attention to the cat or dog will pull the handle to the guinea pig.

Encouraging the child to pull the animal, we bring love to them, and through it - the responsibility and the desire to care for the animals. And not vice versa.

If your child will like to take care of animals, that, by and large, is not so important how well it will succeed.

You will always be able to control it and help.

Infect personal example

; Explain to your child that animals, like us,They need food, water, sleeping corner, a venue for the toilet. If the child is very small - you can show how you feed your pet, commenting on their actions. Give your child a piece of goodies to entertain and offer a hamster or a cat. Keep at it, the animal will not bite.
Clean the cage, pet toilets onthe eyes of a child. Do not do it secretly, do not patronize the kid too, protecting it from possible odors and germs. Smile and pay his attention to how pet happy with cleanliness and order.
It is curious with your child to clean the ears and claws to cut domestic animal. Let the kid takes the cotton swabs, scissors - he likes to be involved in hygiene practices.

Trust your child. But check

To start entrust him with a number of simple butRegular duties: to monitor the purity of water in the drinkers, sweep spilled feed. Select individual kid little broom and rag, it will be proud to carry out "like an adult" his duties. Explain to your child that the animal - friends, and it depends on us, how they will be comfortable to live and have fun.
As children get older instructs him to allmore. Carefully weigh the physical and psychological readiness of your baby to look after the animals. Watch how responsibly and skilfully kid suited to his duties, is not reduced if the level of comfort the animal accommodation.
Some important events it is better not to entrust the child. Let the dog teeth cleaning and bathing guinea pig, though, will be for you.
Never assign cleaning as punishmentcells or washing the cat litter, as well as never sulite as a prize for the purchase of a puppy or five canaries. The child must realize that an animal - not small change your methods of upbringing and not a toy.
Whatever may have been responsible your child,never not neglect such an important matter as the animal care. Check whether your pet enough food, if a toilet overflowed. If you notice that the kid is lazy something to perform, ask them to do it together. If the animal is regularly go hungry, and the apartment is spread stench - well, the child can not cope with the task, you will have to do everything ourselves. Do not be ashamed of the child, not punish. Do not leave your pet hungry and out of principle. Wait for a while, then gently ask the child responsibilities easier. Promise him your help and support.

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