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How to teach a child to fall asleep month

How to teach a child to fall asleep month

Few children can fall asleep on their own. Usually at night the child should be rocking, sing him a lullaby, or just to keep on hand.

It would seem that this is no big deal.

However, if you teach a child to such rituals, the baby will not be able to fall asleep without the help of parents, even having gone to kindergarten.

Therefore, it is important to teach a child from infancy to fall asleep on their own.



The first step is to help your childget used to their beds. To do this all day long as you can put a newborn often in his crib. At the same time parents should stay close to your child, to calm him immediately, if necessary.


Restless baby to sleep is best to accustomin the bed gradually. Before you put the baby to bed, worth lull him in her arms and, as soon as his eyes begin to stick together, immediately put the baby in the crib. If being on his bunk, the newborn starts to cry, you need to immediately pick him up, soothe and lull again.


Every child, especially in the first month of life,it is important to feel close to a mother. The kid learns about her presence by smell, which affects newborn soothing. To accustom month old baby to sleep in his bed on their own, you need to put in her mother's gown or the wearing of a nightgown. Then the baby will be sure that the mother is near, feels safe and fast asleep.


Many babies like a pacifier. If you give her a tired baby, he instantly fell asleep. However, once the baby falls asleep soundly, you need to carefully remove from his mouth nipple. Otherwise newborn quickly get used to its presence, will continue to wake up every time, dropping her in a dream.


In the first weeks after the birth of a child oftenflinches involuntarily produces chaotic motion arms and legs. This prevents him from sleeping. To help your baby fall asleep on their own, it is perepelenat. In this tight swaddling is permissible only in the torso and legs used for free swaddling.


Self newborn sleep helps calm classical music. It is necessary to experiment and find the melody that will appeal to your child.

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