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How to teach a cat to go to the toilet

How to teach a cat to go to the toilet

Cats can be trained to walk directly into the toilet.

It will take some time - from several weeks to months.

To start your cat should already be accustomed to the tray at least for the toilet. The basic idea is that the transplanted cats from the tray on the toilet must take place in several stages.

To make a small change, then give time to get used to a cat.



Move the tray to the cat toilet in the room with toiletth. Watch out if she found him there and enjoyed them as before.

how to teach a cat to go to the toilet if he shkrebet


Gradually put her tray on a hill, first in small, then a little higher. As long as it is not a toilet flush with toiletth. Make sure that the tray is not staggered and did not fall when the cat jumps in it and raking it into the filler.

at what age to accustom the cat to the toilet


Move the litter box on toilettion seat.

How to accustom the cat to the toilet


Put it there every time after they themselves benefited toiletth. Gradually decrease the amount of filler in the paper tray.

how to teach a kitten to go to the toilet


Replace conventional tray toilet box for "retraining" cat. They may be sold in special pet stores and look like a narrow sidushka for toiletand in mesh with a removable bottom. If you did not find the box, try to build it yourself from the small basin placed under the rim seating for toileta.


Keep your cat started walking in the basin. This "trainer" requires that the animal is not frightened of water, constantly being in toilete.


After a few days of successful addictive, it's timecut a hole about 20 centimeters in diameter at the bottom of the basin, each day gradually increasing its size. The training seats for cats from the base are gradually removed the ring. This is done so that the cat is not afraid to defecate directly into the water.


Remove the special tool, reserve toilet in the usual way. Observed. If the cat refuses to accept novelty, return to step back.

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