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How to teach a cat to go to the toilet


How to teach a cat to go to the toilet</a>

Cats can be trained to walk directly into the toilet.

It will take a certain time - from several weeks to months.

To begin with, your cat should already be accustomed at least to the toilet tray. The main idea is that transplanting the cat from the tray to the toilet should take place in several stages.

Make small changes, then give time to the cat to get used.



Move the cat toilet tray into the toiletTh. Watch whether she has found it and whether it uses it, as before.

How to teach a cat to walk on the toilet if it shkrebet


Gradually put its tray on a hill, first on a small one, then just above it. Until her toilet is not on the same level as toiletTh. Make sure that the tray does not stagger or fall when the cat jumps into it and rakes in it the filler.

At what age to accustom a cat to a toilet bowl


Move the cat tray to toiletTh seat.

How to teach a cat to the toilet


Put it there every time after you used it yourself toiletTh. Gradually reduce the amount of filler in the tray.

How to teach a kitten to go to the toilet


Replace the usual toilet tray with a drawer to "retrain" the cat. They can be sold in special pet stores and look like a narrower saddle for toiletBut with a removable mesh at the base. If you did not find this box, try to build it yourself from a small basin, placed under the rim of the seat for toileta.


Make sure your cat starts walking into this basin. This "simulator" is necessary so that the animal does not get scared of the water constantly in the water. toiletE.


After several days of successful addiction, it's timeCut a hole about 20 centimeters in diameter in the bottom of the pelvis, every day gradually increasing its size. In the training chairs for cats, the rings are gradually removed from the base. This is done so that the cat is not afraid to cope with the need directly into the water.


Remove the special device, leave toilet In the usual form. We observe. If the cat refuses to accept the novelty, go back one step.

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