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How to teach a beautiful graffiti VKontakte

How to learn to draw graffiti beautiful VKontakte

You have the ability to draw and you wantshow it to your friends their "VKontakte", or do you think that such a gift would be the biggest surprise for your friends? So it's time to figure out how to learn to draw graffiti beautiful "VKontakte".

A little patience, and all will turn out.



Buy a special graphics tablet. This wonderful device can be used with a stylus, which is much more convenient for drawing process than mouse. & Nbsp-


Download to your computer specificallydeveloped program Vitrite 1.1. It will help draw any, even the most complex picture. Pressing the key ctrl & nbsp - + & nbsp-shift & nbsp- + number from 1 to 0, will make the screen transparent, and running in the background picture is the browser chosen by you, will be a field for activity. You can just cut around it, and every masterpiece of the old masters will be the property of a collection of your best work.


Download the program sWall, which will allowturned into a graffiti any picture or photo. Of course, very few people believe that this is your work, but it is not so important, if you can just admire the beautiful drawings or pictures of their friends (as, indeed, and on their own).


Use the buttons pressed simultaneously shift & nbsp - + & nbsp-alt & nbsp - + & nbsp-numlock to open a cursor control panel with a keyboard that will allow you to draw straight lines.


Hold down the left mouse button, and then click sharplyand release the right button. After this action, you can press the left mouse button in any desired location and get a straight line. If the motion hand turn angle is less than 45 degrees, the screen is the arc.


Learn basic point the way to help youdraw any picture. First, using the mouse, apply a dot object contours. To give it definition, walk along the contour lines several times.


Learn to paint pictures. An inexperienced artist can start with a black background, and then find a suitable picture or photo on the Internet and paint it a fine brush, using a transparency of about 30%. Do not make sharp lines, as they can detect discrepancies in risunke- better to conceal their white color with 5% transparency.


Draw the real picture, using all the skills and amaze your friends with his skill.

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