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Delicious ear: recipe with orange and egg


The soup is a special fish soup, which, with its own taste andAroma not only arouses appetite, but also raises the mood. There are many recipes for cooking this dish. If you want to make a delicious and unusual ear, try adding eggs and oranges to the usual list of ingredients.

Delicious ear: recipe with orange and egg

You will need

  • For 6 servings:
  • - 1 pike-
  • - 1 pike perch
  • - 1 carrot-
  • - 500 g of potato-
  • - 1 onion-
  • - 2 eggs-
  • - 1 orange-
  • - a bunch of parsley and dill-
  • - Bay leaf-
  • - 1/3 of the stalk of celery-
  • - salt to taste.



Gut the pike and zander. To prepare this dish you will need fish carcasses weighing not more than 500 g. Cut the fish fillets into portions. Do not make them too small.


Fins, heads and tails should be placed in a pan and pour 2 liters of water. Bring to a boil and remove the resulting foam.


Peel the onion and carrots. Rinse them and celery, then add to a pan with fish. Pre-cut them is not necessary. Cook for about 15 minutes.


Remove fins, heads, tails and vegetables from the pan. Broth the broth. Then put it back in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Salt to taste.


Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Put the vegetable in a saucepan with broth. After 5 minutes, place there and pieces of fish. Bring the fish to readiness.


Send eggs to the pan. Prebreak them over a bowl so that the shell fragments do not accidentally land in the ear. After adding eggs, immediately mix them in the ear.


Remove the pan from the plate. Put in the ear chopped dill and parsley, add bay leaf. Then cut the orange into thin circles. Pre-purify the fruit from the peel, only rinse it thoroughly. Place the orange in the ear and cover the pan with a lid. Stir the soup for 20 minutes and then serve it on the table.

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