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OBJECTIVES landscaping

Landscape Design Tasks

Immortal Song (a doctor Sung Si Mao), feelingthat is aging, he moved to a secluded place with green hills and clear water, built a house and dug a pond, planted trees and flowers, and lived there until the year 101. We would also not hurt.

Due to the urgency of landscaping to the fore direction of "landscaping".

There are several points of view.

Some believe that the landscape design - this is purelyWorking sphere. Like, people come, dig up the ground, stuck trees, laid lawn, dig a pit filled with water - that's a garden with a pond. A little later, the birds, hung the hammock resort neighborhood kids. Workers operate on the same schemes, proven over the years. Customer satisfied in most cases, since the circuit-based - the principle and convenience averaged beauty. Birds and children - voluntary "litmus stick": flew and ran, then here - something beautiful and interesting ... with trees.

Others believe that this is the direction in art. The main task of this direction - the creation of a harmonious environment for the daily activities. In this it differs from horticulture, which is aimed at getting the actual (agriculture) result in the form of fruits and seeds. The main criteria of landscape design: practicality, simplicity and beauty.

Of course, the gradual development of landscapedesign refers to the roots of gardening. Since the primary human need is to preserve life through the consumption of food, the tree was planted for the fruit. And only when a person was sick, he could pay attention to the beauty of the wood, the fruit-bearing. Thus, gardening has become widespread in the courts of kings and nobles of the East. Further, gardening, like art, has spread almost everywhere.

But it is interesting that the landscape design as anthe direction is not developed because of fruit trees and ornamental flowers, more - not in the outlying villages of Chinese. This concept emerged in the XX century smoky Western Europe (Germany, Austria, the UK), where the process of industrialization has caused the destruction of natural resources and environmental pollution.

Bob Flawse in his book "Secrets of Longevity ChineseEmperors "wrote the following:" [It is necessary] to live in a quiet, secluded place, filled with fresh air, sunlight, well-ventilated, with moderate humidity, where there are practically no pollution, noise, hustle and bustle. This places such as the seashore, village, mountain. " It is necessary to take note of its recommendations in the implementation of landscape design. Since most of us still live in the city, the designers have developed a lot of options, representing stylized certain types of terrain.

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