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HISTORY from a young child: what to do

Children's hysterics</a>

A small child often changes his mood. Children are active and curious, they spend all their time on learning new world for them.

When a child learns new words, he learns new information with even greater speed, but can not always express it in words, which can greatly anger.

Add here also fatigue, a feeling of hunger or thirst - you get a standard hysterical child.

How to calm the child?

1) Try to avoid the difficult situations in which your child may be. For example: You are going to go to the store when the child wants to sleep or hungry.

2) Ignore the hysterics. If the process passes without mutilation, and without damage to property, then the best behavior on your part will be ignoring his actions. When a child does not see that its fruits do not bring the desired result, it calms down.

3) If the child harms himself, others, orProperty, then put him in a chair, which put in a corner. Tell him that he can leave the chair only when he calms down. If he understood everything, calmed down - let him leave the chair and praise for good behavior.

4) Praise the child only when he has completely calmed down, and not in the process Children's hysteria. Premature boasting will bring the baby toThe idea that it is much more profitable to hysterical and receive certain advantages for it. And aggression on the part of the parent will not teach the child to behave in the hands, looking at the screaming or fighting father or mother.

5) Allow the child to resolve certain issues. A child will triple a tantrum if he forbids him to do anything himself. But he just knows the world. If a problem has appeared, and the kid wants to solve it, then as an intelligent and reasonable parent, give him a choice of several solutions, and let him choose one from them. For example: which shoes he chooses for a walk. Or what he wants to eat for dinner: cutlets in Kiev or sausages. So you limit the choice, but also give the child to express his will.

Tip: If a child is harming someone, or if The child has constant tantrums, Then your child will be helped by a consultation of a child psychologist. He will tell you how best to act in this situation, as each family has it individually.

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