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Tantrum in a public place

Hysteria in a public place

Children's hysteria is one of the easiestways to do everything, but for parents, of course, this phenomenon is extremely unpleasant. Not everyone is able to withstand the onslaught of monstrous, and here you are, the child triumphantly clutching a chocolate bar or a ticket to the zoo.

The child directs his tantrum on the parent who responds to it.

What kind of hysterical reaction to be?



The most important thing - you should not be ashamed of. You should be aware that the vast majority of visitors to the store clearly faced with the same problem.


Do not pay attention to children's tantrum. Ignore, turn away. It is likely that your child will increase the onslaught, but do not think about it. It is important to wait. If there is a likelihood that it will destroy the store, pick him up and carry up the street. There, on the street, put it on the ground and quietly tell him that it interferes with other people in the store, but here he can shout as much as it sees fit.


You can do outside the box byaccession. The method consists in the fact that you need to sit down with the child, and then portray the cries and tears collecting in buckets. The child will stop crying, because he is distracted on a non-standard reaction of the parent.


Once your child has finished a fit tightly hug him and tell him how much I enjoy it.


It is important after an argument to behave as if nothing was to not focus on the child's happened.


Remember that the right response to child's tantrum - ignoring, although this reaction is available for a very small number of parents. Be patient, and soon all will pass.

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