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How to tame the wolf

How to tame the wolf

Friendship wolf and man - a great story for a movie or adventure novel. Wolves have always been an incredibly attractive to humans.

Most people are even special factory of dogs similar to wolves. It is widely believed that it is impossible to tame a wild wolf.

Some experts in one way or another refute this assertion.

Can I raise a wolf

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In history there have been occasions when the wolf reallyIt became for a person pet, replacing the dog, and even served as the team. It is worth remembering that this is not a common practice, and incredible exception.
In general, you can raise a wolf, though incrediblycomplicated. To begin to do this you must first days of life with a wolf cub. Eric Zimen biologist from Germany, said that after the age devyatnadtsatidnevnogo cub will not be possible to subject socialization. Experts on education of wolves, which in the world is not so much begin their work with the pups 8-10 days old. Since before you start taking solid food is still two to three weeks, the puppies are weaned from the mother and all the while being fed milk from a bottle.
The main secret of taming the wolf isbecoming animal "member of the pack," that is, to do everything to the wolf took the man as a kinsman. But this condition alone is not enough, one has to become not only a compatriot, but the leader of the pack, otherwise the full domestication will not work. The fact that it is always built rigid social hierarchy in the animal world. The pack may not be equal to each other two wolves, one is always above the other on the social ladder, dominates him. Therefore, man and wolf can not be friends, even if it will take the wolf for her.

Dutcher family couple from the United States renounced all the benefits of civilization, and settled in the woods to study the wolf pack. For 6 years of living side by side, they were able to make friends from all over the pack of wolves.

This should be reflected on the education of cubs. If the wolf attacks, then one should not be afraid, flee, in any way show the fear, and must fight back - otherwise, from an early age the cub understand that it is stronger and it dominates in the relationship.

What dangers can trap

It is understood that completely domesticate a wolfimpossible, and stories of people who managed to tame the wolf as a home dog - it is rather a natural anomaly. The researchers note that "socialized" the wolf may be more dangerous than the wild. Wild wolf heard a man smelling his scent, ran away. Accustomed to the human animal is not afraid to come up and bite first.
Any display of affection (pull back of the neck, pat on the head), which used to house a dog, a wolf can be mistaken for an attempt to attack and hard to resist.
In addition, no wonder there is a saying: "How many wolf feed, it is still looking into the woods." Whatever the excellent conditions created for people not the wolf, no matter how sought to surround his house with warmth and comfort, sooner or later he will flee into the forest, this also applies to the wolves born in captivity.

In the Leningrad zoo trainer DmitryVasiliev grown cub, which still treats it as a mother, and behaves like an obedient dog. With all the other people pretty aggressive wolf.

In general, the dream to have a wolf as a pet, you can forget. Instil wolves can be engaged only by specially trained people who have chosen wolves object of scientific research.

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