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HOW to tame cow Maynkraft

How to tame the cow Maynkraft

Your character in Minecraft need to constantly eat, otherwise he is hungry and die.

The main source of food in the game are allowed.

With them it is possible to produce meat, as well as other useful items. The cow is perhaps the most useful animal.

In addition to the meat with it, you can get a skin, from which it is possible to construct armor.

To always have on hand the right amount of these items, it is necessary to breed cows.



First, you need to build a corral. It is made from the fence and the gate blocks. Clean, flat surface and set the size of the fence, approximately 10x10 blocks. Set the angle of the fence, and then connect them on the perimeter. Between the two blocks, set the fence gate. A feature of this type of protections is that the animals will not be able to jump over it, but they will always remain in sight.


Grow wheat. The seeds are produced in the destruction of grass blocks with a probability of 1:10. After that excavated pit depth and width of the block 1 and block length of 10-12. With hoes Loosen the ground near water. Then plant the seeds there. After 1-2 days of wheat will rise. Collect it by clicking the left mouse button on the base unit.


Take a bunch of wheat in hand and go to thecow. After a while it will come to you. If you move away some distance, a cow will continue to follow you. Using this technique, take an animal into the pen. It is better to lead the several cows is significantly easier task.


Once in the pen would be at least twoanimals, can begin to reproduce. Right-click on the cow when you are in the hands of the wheat supply. If over the animal will be hearts, it means you did everything correctly. Repeat this step on the other cow. Once two cows will meet you in the paddock will be a calf. After a while he becomes an adult cow.

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