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How to tame the birds sit in a cage

How to tame the birds sit in a cage

Cage - a necessary element that must be present in the apartment when the content of the birds. Firstly, it is guaranteed security, and secondly, the most comfort for the birds.

That is why it is important to accustom the bird to sit in a cage.

Where to begin?

how to make a bird cage at home
Once you have brought the bird home, let it come to life and get used to your surroundings. First, do not just grab the animal with his hands and put his cell door.
Secondly, be prepared for the fact that the first monthyou will need to tame bird. Do everything slowly, allowing the bird to get used to your hands: Apply a feed, change the water. Most likely your hands are subjected to a fair attack, you want to courageously stand up to show the birds that peck does not make sense.
When the bird stops attacking or hammered into a corner, try to feed it with his hands. Then you can start to an important step: to teach a bird to land on your finger.
To do this, hold your finger to the animal paws andkeep it so for some time, repeat this procedure as often as possible. When the bird will understand what is required of it, and do it, you can get ready for the first flight around the apartment.

Flying for birds is an essential component of a healthy life. If a bird deprived of exercise, very soon her body will undergo obesity.

favorable terms

how to make a cage for a parrot
The outcome of the first available flight is unpredictable. The bird may start to rush in all corners of the room, and can be frightened and immediately return to the cage. It is necessary to prepare in advance the room to protect the animal.
Close all windows and curtains slide to the bright light is not the bird knocked confused. Remove sharp objects and other pets (if any) out of the room.


How to build a cage for a parrot
Put a bird on his finger and remove the arm from the cage. Most likely the animal felt the freedom, just wave his wings and fly. The first flight lasted not very long, especially if you have a little bird. Already in just a minute or two you will have to show the bird to her house.
First of all the birds can attract food. If the animal sees, as you pour the grain in the trough, then most likely it will immediately around the cell.
Subdued light around bright light and over cells were isolated from the house's interior, which means that the bird probably find him.

Daily "bird walk" through the apartment should last at least 15 minutes.

If the bird alone can not return to the cage, try to drive it with the objects on which it sits. Just do not overdo it, so as not to tire and so frightened bird.
Repeat daily until the animal gets used to return to the cage. Later, do not leave the cage open, when your home will not be, otherwise the bird may be injured.

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