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How to tame birds in a cage


How to tame birds in a cage</a>

A cage is a necessary element that must be present in an apartment when the poultry is kept. Firstly, it is guaranteed safety, and secondly, comfort for the bird itself.

That is why it is important to accustom the bird to the cage.

Where to begin?

How to make a cage for birds at home
After you brought the bird home, let it come to life and get used to the surrounding environment. First, do not immediately grab the animal hands and put it outside the cell door.
Secondly, be prepared for the fact that the first monthYou will need to tame the bird. Do everything gradually, letting the bird get used to your hands: apply food, change water. Most likely your hands will undergo a fair attack, which must be bravely endured to show the bird that it's useless to peck.
When the bird stops attacking or hitting into a corner, try feeding it from your hand. After this, you can start an important step: to teach the bird to sit on your finger.
To do this, bring your finger to the paws of the animal andKeep it for a while, repeating this procedure as often as possible. When the bird understands what is required of it, and does it, you can prepare for the first flight around the apartment.

Flight for poultry is an integral part of a healthy life. If the bird is deprived of physical activity, then very soon its body will be obese.

Favorable conditions

How to draw a cage for a parrot
The outcome of the first free flight is unpredictable. A bird can start to rush about in all corners of the room, or it may get scared and immediately return to the cage. We need to prepare a room in advance in order to protect the animal.
Close all windows and push the curtains so that the bright light does not confuse the bird. Remove sharp objects and other pets (if any) from the room.


How to arrange a cage for a parrot
Put the bird on your finger and take your hand out of the cage. Most likely the animal, having felt freedom, will immediately wave its wings and fly. The first flight lasts a very long time, especially if you have a nestling. Already literally in a minute or two it will be necessary to show the bird to her house.
First of all, birds can attract food. If the animal sees how you pour the grains into the feeder, then most likely it will immediately be near the cage.
The muted light around and bright lighting above the cage will highlight the house from the interior, which means the bird will soon find it.

Daily "bird walks" around the apartment should last at least 15 minutes.

If the bird can not return to the cage on its own, try to drive it away from the objects on which it sits. Just do not overdo it so as not to tire out the frightened bird.
Repeat the procedure daily until the animal is accustomed to returning to the cage. Afterwards, do not leave the cage open when you are not at home, otherwise the bird may be injured.

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