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How to talk with the traffic policemen Ukraine

Least favorite moment of all car owners - is a conversation with the traffic police inspector. And if the conversation is also the case, and even in another country ...

Rent the nerves and the purse is emptied.

But there is another turn of events.



Anyone who travels in the summer in the Crimea by car,faced with the traffic police inspectors of Ukraine. And very few people left not fined, but only without a receipt. Many, fearing deprivation of rights in a foreign country, gave inspectors exorbitant sum by Russian standards. Although official fines on Ukraine is much lower than ours. And for many offenses for which in Russia are deprived of rights, in Ukraine only prescribe a penalty (for example, the intersection of the solid line). So why are our compatriots, so skillfully bypassing the law in their own country, Ukraine suddenly begin to agree with any demand to stop their inspectors, who then personally give hands a huge amount of so-called fine. Many will say: "They are so simple you will not leave ..." In fact, the tourist season lasts 3-4 months, and the inspector must find time to earn for the whole year due to the rich "Muscovites". The logic is clear.


Once you are stopped may be held about the dialogue:

Inspector: Excess of you, 20 km.

You: Yes, exceeded, do not argue.

I .: Come, let us make out fine.

You go for an inspector in the machine or booth stationary post. There will be more inspectors, which are then happy to join in the game called? Razvedi money ?.

I .: a fine 400 hryvnia, we will write? ? and quizzically looking at you. For information: 400 hryvnia is about 1,000 rubles.

You: Yes, discharge.

I .: So write? - And this question will be different intonations pronounced it a few more times, with the handle he was in no hurry to take.

In any case, your task - to push for a fine statement.

Further there are options to resolve the conflict.

I .: Do you have or you hryvnia exchange have not yet? We can take and rubles.

A bank is not open (now closed). How will you pay?

200 hryvnia, okay?

Go - you answer - discharged.

Your task - to any inspector of questions to askofficial fine discharge. Wrangling may continue for a long time, you start to push other employees, reducing the amount of the fine. The fact that anyone fined, you can safely throw away immediately. Nobody does not track whether you paid it, if you are a citizen of another state. Ukrainian traffic cop absolutely no reason to mess with you just like that, without personal gain and spend time writing out a formal official penalties. So they begin to frighten the non-existent sanctions. To you it seemed easier to pay personally the inspector. The same scheme works with the offense, providing weaning rights. Denying the rights of the citizen of another state - not an easy procedure. Therefore, your task - to insist on the official documentation of your violations in a calm manner. After 15-20 minutes of this dialogue you in 99% of cases released. Take nothing with you, and a time to lose when passing by dozens of potential victims, the inspector would not be desirable.


How to avoid a penalty:

- Always, and in all cases insist on the official documentation of your offense.

- Quiet, friendly tone of the conversation, without rudeness and insults.

- Knowledge of traffic rules and penalties Ukraine.

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