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How to talk to an alcoholic


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A person who has not reached the last stageAlcoholism, extremely painfully perceives any talk about his passion for alcoholic beverages. At this stage, a person is able to feel remorse, a sense of shame.

It is embarrassing that people close to him noticed from himNeed for alcohol. He is able to convince himself that he is not an alcoholic, and a hangover syndrome is just an isolated case, since yesterday he drank a lot.

And all conversations are perceived as a personal insult.



To further develop the situation, takeControl your help is needed to a loved one. First, you and all your relatives should understand that alcoholism is a disease. And your task - to convince to abandon the addiction or take a course of treatment. Both can not be done without talking to Alcoholic. It is necessary that he realize as soon as possible that he is ill.


How to talk to Alcoholic?
For the conversation, choose the most suitable moment. Of course, it will be more effective to talk with Alcoholic When he is sober, and not suffering from hangover syndrome.


Speak calmly, without getting irritated. Do not try to convince the person that hangover syndrome is the beginning of the disease. Man should make such a conclusion for himself. Do not blame the drunkenness. Express your interest and desire to help him in overcoming a difficult condition.


Your task at this stage is to help him understand the causes of poor health. A person will feel your support and will be more open in communication. Perhaps the first conversation with Alcoholic Will not bring the desired results. Be patient! Next time, repeat all over again. This tactic in conversation with Alcoholic Will allow you to move on to more effective conversations.


Provide as much information as possible about allThe processes occurring in his body from excessive consumption of alcohol. Gradually bring him to the need for serious treatment for alcoholism, and not just the symptoms of the manifestation of the disease.


Reinforce your words with positive examples from the lives of your friends who have overcome the craving for alcohol.


The purpose of your conversations will be achieved if your close person makes a conscious decision about voluntary treatment for alcoholism.

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