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How to talk with an alcoholic

Talk sober

The man did not come down to the last stageAlcohol is extremely sensitive about any talk about his hobby of alcohol. At this stage, a person is able to feel remorse, shame.

He was embarrassed that people close to him noticed histhe need for alcohol. He is able to convince himself that he is not an alcoholic, a hangover - just an isolated incident, since yesterday he drank a lot.

And all the talk perceived as a personal insult.



To further developments to takecontrol need your help a loved one. First, you yourself and all your family need to understand that alcoholism is a disease. And your task - to convince to give up addiction, or undergo treatment. Both can not be done without conversation alcoholic. It is necessary that he realized as soon as possible, that he was sick.


How to talk to alcoholic?
To talk to choose the most appropriate moment. Of course, the conversation will be more effective alcoholic when he was sober and not suffering hangover.


Speak quietly, without irritation. Do not try to convince the person that hangover - the beginning of the disease. Man, this conclusion for themselves should do himself. Do not reproach of drunkenness. Express your interest and desire to help him in overcoming the serious condition.


Your task at this stage to help him understand the causes of poor health. Man will feel your support and will be more open in communication. Perhaps the first conversation with alcoholic It will not bring the desired results. Be patient! Next time, try again. This tactic in conversation with alcoholic It will allow you to move to a more effective conversations.


Provide as much information as possible about all theprocesses taking place in his body from excessive use of alcohol. Gradually leads him to the need for serious treatment of alcoholism, rather than just the symptoms of the disease manifestations.


Match their words with positive examples from the lives of their friends who have overcome the pernicious craving for alcohol.


The purpose of your conversations will be achieved if your loved one will make an informed decision on voluntary treatment for alcoholism.

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