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How to talk in the game


How did your character talk to his peers?</a>

The game world is created by the participants themselves.

It is usually limited in time and space and is populated by various characters. Characters of role-playing games constantly interact with each other.

Players should talk in such a way that it is clear to everyone that he is depicting a character, not himself.

It is not important whether it is a game of live action or about online.

Simply in the game of live action, more opportunities for creativity, including for "stage speech".



Go out into the yard and watch the players playStory-role play by children. They instinctively do everything right. The game world has clear boundaries. Here the kid portrays a seller or an astronaut, he tries to speak with the voice and intonations of his character? The way he imagines it. He saw the seller in reality, he can better imagine it, so the image is more accurate. But here the child was called home? And he instantly became himself, and speaks in a different voice and with other intonations.


Learn the plot of the game. Usually it is developed by the master, who determines the main storylines and basic requirements for the characters. If this is a game based on a literary work, your task is somewhat simplified. You need to read the book first, paying special attention to the details related to your character. Who is he? What words does he use? What is his character? With what intonations can such a person speak?


Intending to participate in the historical The game, How to properly study the era. To which layer of society does your character belong? What norms of etiquette were adopted at this time in this circle? How did your character talk to peers, to the king, to the peasants? How did he behave, having got into an unexpected situation, which in The game Can be very much? Think about these moments is necessary for the game of live action, and for online games.


Unfamiliar words, if any, are better to learn in advance. This may be the names of settlements, weapons, household items, and in online-The game ? Also a special terminology, adopted between experienced players. Of course, you can learn it in the process, but then it will be more difficult to immediately fit into the game world.


Try to imagine yourself as a character andSay a few phrases in front of the mirror. Of course, you can not get into the role right away, because you need the appropriate mood, which is usually created by all the players together. But still think through words and intonations.


During the game try to keep talkingThe way a character should speak. If you use your usual words and talk with your usual intonation, this will mean that you are out of the game. Do not get lost, even if something unexpected happened. Accident can be a master's idea.


Do not be surprised if your vocabulary in The game Will be completely different than usual. It should be so. But do not continue to talk in everyday life the way your character does. Those around you may not understand.

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