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How to talk with the baby

How to talk with the baby</a>

Speech adult, which is addressed to the child, it causes joy and maximum attention, since it is the most significant sign of the fact that the adult enters into communication with him.



With the fact that you need to talk with your childDay from the moment of his birth, everyone agrees. And how not to talk to your own son or daughter, if you see how much the baby likes it. But just do not need to make gross mistakes in communicating with Toddler, The child simply does not understand if you begin to talk with him with a highly learned syllable.


Your child is very sensitive to speech at birthParents, but that he realized that you are talking with him, and got used to the speech, before beginning the "conversation" try to get his attention. You always need to start with simple words. They are well remembered and constantly found in your speech.


With the growth of the child, his speech becomes more complicated, and ifYou thought that your child simply does not have it, then you are deeply mistaken. If you remember, when you say something to a child, then in response you hear his "words". These are really words, for a baby they are just as clear as for us with a native speech. In this sense, the task of teaching a child to speak is very similar to a simple study of a foreign language. Many of the moments of our language are very difficult for the baby, for example, it is very difficult for babies to understand the pronouns. We easily use them in everyday speech, but for the child, the "thou" you said will not soon turn into his inner self.

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