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How to talk to the baby

How to talk to the baby

These adult, which faces to the child, it is the joy and the maximum attention, as is the most significant feature is that the adult comes into contact with him.



With the fact that you need to talk with your child everyday from the date of his birth, everyone agrees. Yes, and how not to talk to his son or daughter, if you see how the baby is like. But not to do blunders in dealing with babyThe child simply does not understand, if you start talking to him vysokouchenym syllable.


Your child from birth is very sensitive to speechparents, but that he knew him say it was you, and accustomed to the speech, before the "conversation" try to get his attention. You should always start with simple words. They well remembered and constantly found in your speech.


With the growth of the child and his speech is complicated, and ifyou think that your child simply does not have it, then you are deeply mistaken. If you remember, when you say that a child is in response to hear his "words." It really is the word for a baby they are as clear as for us the native speech. In this sense, the task to teach a child to speak is very similar to a simple study of a foreign language. Many of the highlights of our language is very difficult for the baby, for example, the kids is very difficult given the understanding of pronouns. We can easily use them in everyday speech, but "you" is not soon become a child told us in his inner "I".

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