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How to talk to icq

How to talk to icq

Internet communication has its own specifics. But despite their differences from the real communication in the virtual dialogue need to comply with certain rules of etiquette.

Netiquette means that you can simultaneously communicate with multiple people, which means your partner should not require too much attention to itself.

Observing the rules of interactive communication, you will earn a good reputation and conflict-free network interlocutor.



If you go into your account ICQ and see thatsome people are online, it does not mean that everyone needs to write words of welcome. Greet only with the person with whom you really want to talk to, and keep in mind that even if the status of "online," it is possible that he may be busy, and your conversation will not be uninterrupted.


Internet communication is devoid of many non-verbal emotions, and so in some cases, to better understand the source you use emoticons to emphasize his relationship to a particular phrase.


Communicating in ICQ, follow the rules of the Russian language- Use punctuation marks and write messages in large letters, as the network is seen as a rising tone. If you want to finish the thought, put the phrase after his point.


Multiple exclamation points are wellexpress your strong emotions in relation to anything, and question marks will show that you or your partner do not understand what was going on, and want to update the information.


If you want to demonstrate thoughtfulness,put after the ellipsis sentence. Depending on your conversation context, the dots can be perceived in different ways. Do not abuse these characters - you can not put a dot after each phrase and exclamation marks.


Be able to keep track of time when the source is notHe wants or simply can not communicate with you. If he answers in monosyllables, he writes phrases like "OK" and continue the conversation, it is quite possible that at the moment he is busy doing something else. Always try to answer all the questions the interlocutor, and only after that to remain silent, waiting for an answer.


Never give your friend's ICQ numberanother person without the permission of the owner. Avoid the use of slang, profanity and abuse in the network - just as in real communication, obscene language characterizes you in a certain way.

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