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TALES some contemporary authors to check the child

Tales of any child to read contemporary authors

In modern literature, there are more new and often quite bright names.

This is a lot of help to literary prizes, including the case - for example, publishing award "Nastya and Nikita", "New Children's Book" from the "Rosman" and others.

Unfortunately, parents are in the majority - the peopleconservative, and it is not surprising: after all, your precious child of want to read only the best, really interesting. So we try to discover the shelves of bookstores primarily familiar, time-tested name: Barto, Chukovsky, Assumption ... And yet the new times - new tales! We have prepared for you a brief overview of some of the creativity of modern writers of children's literature. Perhaps it will help you choose the books that are worth reading to your child.

Katya Matyushkina

Katya Matyushkina - not only a writer, but alsoa wonderful artist! She has written a great many books for children and has provided all of their bright, colorful illustrations. Lots of books about her cat da Vinci, detectives Fu-Fu and Kish-Kish, and Vlipsikov feechek Trixie fixe really like children.

Some books Matiushkina written in collaboration with another great children's writer - Katya Okovitoy.

By the way, these books are available and trainingmaterials - paint, alphabet, stickers, collections of game tasks with their favorite characters. So, if your child will enjoy these books, it will be easy to sit down and study.

Elena Khrustaleva

Elena Khrustalev - the author of cheerful and filledadventure books "Forest Watch", "Beat the tail!", "Mystery of the Enchanted Forest" and others. Hrustaleva speaks with children in a language that they understand and know how to close and keep the attention of your little reader or listener. Her books are popular with both children and their parents.

Arthur Givargizov

Arthur Givargizov - author of many humorous stories and poems for children. His language and ironic at the same time understandable. Main destinations creativity of this writer - younger students.

Some critics call Givargizov "very nepedagogichno" writer. But the author considers this definition as a compliment!

His book - "Notes outstanding Losers", "About the Dragons and police" and others.

Natalia Filimonova

Natalia Filimonova - name in modern childrenRecent literature. Debut book writer "Niusia due Cupboard" became the winner of "The manuscript of the Year" national literary prize in the nomination "Best children's book."

Feedback from readers, "Nyusyu due Cupboard" is very exciting to read the parents with the child. However, the junior high school student is quite cope with it on their own.

If you live in old houses houses, the modern apartments - of course, housing. And very attentive boy or girl may well acquainted with one of them.

Elena Solovieva

Another striking debut and another literaryPrize - "Cinnamon Flower grandmother" Elena Solovieva won the competition "New Children's Book". The book is written in the best traditions of Soviet children's literature - but taking into account today's realities.
When my grandmother Margarita suddenly disappears,Girl learns a variety of unusual and sometimes scary things that happen in the most ordinary modern city. Search grandmother and fight with a powerful evil witch Margarita helping friends - Herr Thistle and Pekingese George.

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