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Do they join the army with flat feet?


Are they taken to the army with flat feet</a>

Flattening is a change in the shape of the foot, which is diagnosed by measuring longitudinal and transverse arches that drop when there is a disease.

This disease is included in the list of non-conscriptive from the 3rd degree, when the foot is heavily deformed.

3 degree of flatfoot

According to Article 68 of the Schedule of Diseases,Having flat feet of 3 degrees, can receive the category of validity "B" and thus not be subject to the call in the non-military time. A conscript with this disease is credited to the reserve of the armed forces and receives a military ticket. Any other forms of flatfoot are not exemption from military service.

Depending on the degree (1 or 2) of the disease, the recruit can be assigned a category of validity "A" or "B".

2 degree of flatfoot

An unprescribed disease is alsoFlat foot 2 degrees with deforming arthrosis, the indices of which correspond to the definition of the second stage. In this case, the recruit also receives a military ticket indicating the transfer to the reserve (category "B"). Arthrosis of the first stage is not a basis for obtaining a military ticket.

Appeal with flat feet

If the draft commission, if there are resultsA survey with a confirmed diagnosis gives the recruit a different category of validity (for example, "A" or "B"), the actions of the military commissariat (VC) can be classified as illegal and the decision of the draft commission can be appealed in court in the appropriate order. For the period of investigation and filing an application with the prosecutor's office, the military registration and enlistment office has no right to conduct recruiting activities and to enlist in the army, i.e. Send a draftee to the place of service without a corresponding court decision based on the results of the case.

When appealing to the recruit, an additional medical examination is appointed, on which the disease and the fact of violation by the military commissariat of the rules of conducting recruitment activities will be revealed.

Flatfoot examination

To determine the degree of development of the disease andDiagnostic procedures are used X-ray of the foot, which determines the angle and height of the arch. At 1 degree of flatfoot, the arch angle can take values ​​from 130 to 140 degrees, and the height of the arch will be about 35-25 mm. 2 degree is characterized by the angle of the arch from 141 to 155 degrees, and the height is not more than 24 mm, with the appearance of arthrosis caused by deformation of the foot bones. A foot with a 3rd degree of flatfoot has a vault angle greater than 155 degrees. The height of the vault should be less than 17 mm.
Among the complications of flatfoot, a clubfoot is noted,Unnatural gait and violations of posture, pain in the feet, hips, knees, back. Patients suffering from flat feet have deformed feet, curved toes, wide feet. Also, the presence of flat feet contributes to the development of the ingrown nail phenomenon.

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