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Will psychics take money for their sessions?


Do psychics take money for their sessions?</a>

A very large number of people are tempted to turn to fortunetellers, psychics or telepaths to improve their destiny or karma.

There is an interesting question, whether to pay for such services, how many and to whom?

How psychics work

It is very important to understand that purely from the point of view ofPsychology "believe" in the service, for which he paid, is much simpler than the one that has been given away for nothing. People value what they spend money on. In the case when people resort to the services of psychics (since the presence of superpowers to prove scientifically impossible), in addition to the actions of the specialists themselves, the placebo effect also goes.

The placebo effect is called a kind of effectSelf-healing, which is based on the fact that the patient believes in the efficacy of the method by which it is treated. This effect was discovered back in the Middle Ages, but in the context of medicine it was applied only in the eighteenth century.

If we talk about subtle matter, any relationshipFormat "seller-buyer" suggests that there is an exchange of services, things or money. Selfless sellers are a myth, since communism has not yet been built, which means that if the "seller" of the service does not need money, he is interested in something else.

Are there extrasensory non-possessors

Very often unselfish psychics and magicians use their abilities to search, for example, lovers. And this is not the only variant of a specific exchange of the "service for service" type.

Do not be fooled by loud terms. A good specialist will explain the situation to you in the most understandable language.

Wizards who have just started work for freeTheir activities. In this case, if they do not get anything, then the demand from them is small. They usually in such cases press on the fact that it was an experiment. And if it passes successfully, such sorcerers can often process the client, so that he himself will pay them out of gratitude. In this case, the cost of the session can be quite impressive.

If you are offered free extrasensoryServices, think. Perhaps a mage or sorcerer is just going to use you as a victim. No, it's not about bloody rituals, but the negative can be thrown at you. In such situations, your request, may, and will, but the consequences can be sad.

Do not apply for ads in newspapers and magazines, it is better to learn about a good psychic from relatives or friends who have already visited it.

Another unpleasant "free" scenario -Mentally unhealthy people who believe that they should benefit humanity. It is not safe to contact such people. An unstable mental state can make itself felt at an inopportune moment, and instead of solving problems you can get an obsessive unhealthy schizophrenic who will try to control your life. It is very difficult to get rid of such people.

Strange as it may seem, often free helpOffer cunning scammers. They promise free assistance, process the client during the session, "divorcing" him for money. Their methods are rather rude, appealing to them at best entails material losses, but health can suffer as well.

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