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How to remove the door from its hinges

How to remove the door from its hinges

To remove the door from its hinges, it is necessary to determine their type.

With removable remove easier.

If there are breeds attachment or adjustment screws, they must first unscrew.

Invisible hinges require dismantling all the fixings.

In the operation of interior openingsit may be necessary in the removal of the door leaf to its paint, refurbish, replace the lock or hinges, and many others. In any case, if the question of dismantling the box itself is not necessary, it is necessary to know the nuances of this work, because it is important to remove the door so that not to damage the hinges and painting itself.

Simple types of loops

; The first thing to determine the type of hinges. From this, and will depend on all further actions of the worker. Loops can be removable and non-removable, screw, card, cut-and invisible.
; The most common option iscard loops which may be removable and non-removable. If the move to identify the type of loop present on the door does not work, you can perform a simple experiment on non-removable or universal hinged door opens to 180 °, that is, on both sides... And with the removable hinge door leaf lift is very simple: it is enough to open a little it, put a something hard to prevent falls and, wielding a lever or handle crowbar, pry the door and gently pull out of the loop. It is better to work together with a partner - he will be able to insure the person who performs the work.

Types of loops with features

; Regarding mortise loops, the latterthey have become equipped with decorative bindings, which for the uninitiated may be an obstacle to the dismantling. However, everything is simple: just unscrew the bolt at the top of the loop. This type of holder may have no attachment, t. E. The design elements of a dress on top of each other.
; In the case of screw-in loops, you must first carefully inspect their gear. In most cases, the working steps are no different from the actions of a conventional card-loops.
; The increasing popularity is gaining designDoor euro fabric sample. For their mounting loop are provided with special adjusting screws. To remove a door, they should be slightly unscrewed to loose attachment.
; The greatest difficulty may be doors, suspended on invisible hinges. In this case it is necessary to unscrew all the existing attachment, or remove the door leaf is not possible.
; Returning the door to its original location, you need to make sure that there was no imbalance. Wearing a loop at each other, it is necessary to tighten the mount as well as before the disassembly procedure.

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