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HOW to take the cargo in the truck 3

How to take the cargo in the truck 3

The game "Truckers 3", created based on the popular TV series, has tens of thousands of fans all over Russia.

Realistic engine "Power" was created in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

The task of taking the load is one of the key in the gameplay.



The easiest way to make money in the game "Truckers 3: The Conquest of America" ​​- a fulfillment, conveying goods. At the beginning of the game you can take loads in the main office.


Increase the scale of the map. To do this, go into the cab of the truck, press Ctrl + Tab. It is necessary to increase the card as long as you do not see the label "green anchor". This is an image of your port "Okskhart".


Draw near to the base. When you find yourself next to, you can stop off for themselves the goods. Movement should be implemented by the green anchor.


To increase the load capacity can be purchasednew vehicle or to upgrade the old one. Exit from the game menu, select "Store", will make a purchase. Each vehicle contains load capacity and speed, and compared to your current truck.


If the purchase of the truck you have enough money, you can use a little trick. Download program "Hartmann" (official site - Artmoney.ru) and install it.


Start the game "Truckers 3" and turn windowwith her. Start Artmoney, select Dalnoboyshiki3 process and enter the required amount of money in the Open dialog box. Now again go to the store and buy any liked the machine with the required carrying capacity.


For more complex levels you need to pick up the goods directly from customers and friends. Increase the map, find the red exclamation mark, indicating the purpose of the mission.

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