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How to get the better of fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue negatively affect performance, mood, and of course on the overall well-being.

To become a chronic fatigue is not urgently necessary to take simple steps to restore the body.

The most basic thing - it's a dream. Sleep smooths emotions, relieves nervous and emotional stress and restores physical strength. So be sure to sleep enough during 9-10 hours and try not to disturb the sleep mode on a daily basis. During a full sleep fully recovers the energy spent during the day.

The second element of a quick recovery - shower. Massage, which receives the human body in the shower, has a beneficial effect on skin tone. Also improves the general condition of the body and the person has a sense of "no worries." No wonder it is sometimes said that the emotion "can be washed away." Hot showers - soothes, relaxes. Cold - helps to cheer up and win a feeling of lethargy and fatigue. Douches - improves the health of the nervous system and mood.

The third element - a favorite pastime. This hobby is the best way to relieve stress and rejuvenate. And to achieve (whether a new brand, the first related to a sock or a goal scored) will give you a huge amount of positive emotions.

The next element - exercise. After a busy day or enjoy a any sports activity - biking, do exercises, go for a swim in the pool, etc. And in the weekend instead of lying on the couch watching TV -. Think leisure. Not only are you completely relax and rejuvenate, and recharge your batteries. If your work is related to mental work, the exercise should be your constant companion.

Well, the last element of your anti-fatigue- A change of scenery. A trip to the nature, the sea, the cottage or just to the next town is one of the best ways to restore the necessary stock of physical and mental strength.

These five elements will help you quickly and fairly achieve disaster recovery and improve mood without assistance.

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