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How to overcome fatigue


How to overcome fatigue</a>

Fatigue and fatigue adversely affect working capacity, mood and, of course, overall well-being.

To fatigue does not become chronic, it is urgent to take simple measures to restore the body.

The most basic is a dream. Sleep smooths emotions, removes nervous and emotional overstrain and restores physical strength. Therefore, be sure to sleep enough for 9-10 hours and try not to disturb the sleep regime on a daily basis. During a full sleep, the energy spent in the day is fully restored.

The second element of quick recovery is the shower. Massage, which receives the body of a person when taking a shower, has a beneficial effect on the tone of the skin. Also, the general condition of the body improves and a person feels "without worries". It's not for nothing that they sometimes say that emotions "can be washed away". Hot shower - soothes, relaxes. Cold - helps to cheer up and overcome the feeling of lethargy and fatigue. Contrast shower - improves health, nervous system and mood of a person.

The third element is a favorite activity. It is the hobby that is the best way to relieve tension and regain strength. And achievements (whether it's a new brand, the first knitted sock or a goal scored) will give you a huge amount of positive emotions.

The next element is physical exercise. After a busy day, take up any sports activity - ride a bike, do exercises, swim in the pool, etc. And on weekends instead of lying on the couch in front of the TV - think about active rest. You will not only completely rest and regain your strength, but also recharge your energy. If your activity is related to mental work, then physical exercises should become your constant companion.

Well, the last element of your struggle with fatigue- this is a change of scenery. A trip to nature, the sea, a dacha or just to a neighboring city is one of the best ways to restore the necessary reserve of physical and mental strength.

These five elements will help you quickly and without assistance help to restore working capacity and improve mood.

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